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11-29-05, 05:10 PM
Hi everybody, I really hope one of you can help me here since I seem to be stuck in Cadillac Hell. My problems began two weeks ago while driving on the turnpike, my car started chiming and "telling" me to service stabilitrack system, service brake assist, service vehicle soon and it turned off my traction control. I stopped on the side of the road, turned the engine off and on and still the same problem. I was able to drive home, but now everytime I start the car I get all these msgs. I did take the car to the dealership (DeSimone Cadillac) and explained to them the situation and all they were able to tell me was that I had the wrong profile tires. Guess what? They are wrong! I checked that sticker on the driver door, my tires, and even the Cadillac site and for some reason they wrote I need the V8 tires. Interesting since I dont have a V8. Also my father had this problem when he had this car (I traded my cts with him, why!?) and I told this dealership. They didnt seem to care about this. I told them that it took his dealership (Wiliamson Cadillac in Miami) weeks to figure it out, but eventually they just put in a new computer and that seemed to work for months....until now. Im going back tomorrow to demand a little more action (when my father had this problem, the car kept wanting to veer to another lane and it became difficult to steer, I dont need these problems with winter coming).

Has anyone had this happened? Any advice? Am I making any sense?! HELP!! :)


11-30-05, 05:46 AM
I have 04 AWD V8 that had service stability system come up on screen now the check engine light stays on without setting any codes in computer dealer hasn't been able to fix???????????? Just another problem that just doesn't seem to get resolved!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

11-30-05, 07:11 AM
Have you replaced the tires with something else than factory sizes?
The factory tires are different sizes from front to rear, but I have seen folks change them out successfully with a uniform size. Technically even though they are different sizes, they actually have the same rolling circumference so it can be done.

They might have told you that you needed V RATED tires, or tires speed rated for the V8, is this car a V8 car? V rated are probably what the tire placard calls for (without having looked at it). I never looked to see if the speed rating is different between a V6 and a V8, but I am sure they probably are.
Not having the proper speed rating is not going to turn on any lights, however.

Do you have a copy of the repair orders they have given you?
If you changed the tires, what size did you install?
If you have the RO copies, what sort of info is on the tickets? Any documented codes listed?

11-30-05, 07:35 AM
Thanks for getting back to me. I'm headed there in a few minutes and for some reason I'm getting ready to be disappointed.

I don't have the papers from the first time the problem started (I'll check for those) so I can't tell you what codes they pulled that time. From the time I took it the papers say: "found front tires have been previously replaced with slightly higher profile tires than factory specification - factory specifies p235/60r17 and vehicle currently has p235/65r17-this size difference intereferes with tc and abs system software and will cause condt customer is experiencing. Need to replace tires with correct size tires."

Now I've checked my car, my tires, and online and I have the factory spec tires on both the front and back, so Im not sure where they got this from other than assuming I have a v8 rather than the v6 that it is. Considering I've had the car since July and my father had bought new tires before that, wouldn't the problem appeared earlier if that's what's going on? I have 60's in the front and 65's in the rear.

The lights come on and tc turns off everytime, either right when I'm about to reverse out of park or a few minutes into my drive. I've felt the car want to "move" on it's own, I've been able to control it since I've just been driving a bit around town. But what am I supposed to do if this happens on the highway (as it did while my dad had the car)? I'm really disappointed with this dealership and their inaction. I'll let you know what happens today.

11-30-05, 08:17 AM
So they put on the RO that you have the wrong size tires on the car but you say they are the factory size tires?
On either model, V6 or V8, the fronts are a different size than the rears.
Since you have done some reasearch it would seem you know that.

Let me know what codes you get and if you can verify for me the size of the tires on front, and on the rear.

11-30-05, 10:25 AM
oops I meant to say I have p235/65r17 in front and p255/60r17 in the rear. Blame it on pre-coffee stupor.

Can you believe they wouldn't look at my car today, even when it's a safety issue? I had to make an appt for next Tuesday morning. I'll keep you updated once I have more info.

11-30-05, 12:48 PM
Those sizes you have on your vehicle are the factory sizes. Have them dig deeper because that's not the problem.

Seems like a message about "service brake assist" hints that it is a sensor dealing with the brakes?? And once that has problems, you'll get the "service stabilitrack" message because it relies on that input.

02-20-06, 09:26 AM
can you believe it's february and I'm finally getting back to you guys.
After much pushing (they kept telling me it was the tires and didn't believe me that the front and rear tires are supposed to be different sizes) and waiting the finally installed a new brake sensor this week. The car seems to be running fine now but we shall see. After I schooled them on SRX tires and the service guy walked around to every SRX in the lot (I'm not kidding here) he finally agreed that I was right, so they finally got to work. First they said I needed a software update because my brakes had been recalled and whoever worked on them didnt update the software. I didnt ever remember having the brakes changed, but whatever. As I drove away from the dealer, maybe five minutes later the problem started again. I quickly went back and they started looking again, this is when they found that there was something wrong with the brake sensor. This was in early december and I was finally able to take my car in a week ago on the 9th (they aren't very good about taking or returning calls). I hope this fix works.
I have to say I found the service extremely poor (DeSimone Cadillac in Mt. Laurel NJ) and doubt I will ever go there again. Though I'm not sure how I'll do that since my dad just got me a new CTS that I need to go pick up (he lives in Miami where we are regulars at the best dealership, Williamson Cadillac). It also doesn't help that they didn't call me when my car was ready and now are charging me 300 dollars for the loaner...but that's another thread.