: Mod questions for a 2000 DeVille

11-28-05, 06:05 PM
Hey guys, its nice to join the forum. I recently bought a 2000 DeVille and I'm looking to do some performance mods, and some cosmetic mods. Can anyone refer me to a site that sells cosmetic mods (grilles, chrome parts, wheels), and/or a site that offers performance mods (exhaust, intake, etc.). Also, who out there has a highly modified DeVille? Are there any? Thanks a lot guys.

11-29-05, 03:05 AM
There are few modified Sevilles, fewer modified Eldos, and even fewer modified Devilles. No idea on the appearance mods other than maybe eBay. As far as performance goes the 2 things you can do that are worthwhile are exhaust and nitrous. I think Corsa has a system that'll work with an 00 Deville but check with them; even if they do have a system it'll be cheaper and just as effective to get a local exhaust shop to make you a nice catback with mufflers of your choice. Then stick a 75-100 shot on there and have fun.

11-30-05, 01:52 AM
yeah, the Corsa Exhaust is nice, I have it on my 00 seville, it sounds sweet. Not much cabin noise at WOT either but if you get behind the car at WOT, its awesome. :cool2:

11-30-05, 10:57 AM
go to voguetyre.com for cosmetic mods for your car

11-30-05, 03:55 PM
You can see the list of mods I have made to my STS on my web site at:

12-01-05, 02:28 PM
Tim Allen did some modifications to a deville, its a nice quick read :)
Article on it: http://www.caranddriver.com/article.asp?section_id=26&article_id=3639

"I looked at some other sedans [an Olds Aurora and a Lexus IS300] to modify," Allen says, "but I kept coming back to the DeVille. Every time I caught this thing from a rear three-quarter view, I said to myself [now affecting a Walter Brennan voice], Gotta have this, all two tons of it."