: NEW MEMBER-1990 Eldorado

03-07-03, 03:53 PM
Hey guys,
Wanted to introduce my self, I'm Barry. Just purchased a 1990 Cadillac Eldorado Biarittz-66,000 original miles, one-owner-I have all the ORIGINAL paper work since day one. She's a REAL BEAUTY!

03-07-03, 03:54 PM
Welcome, Barry.

But damn, that sure is a small car.

03-07-03, 04:08 PM
Hey, went back and submitted a new photo.

03-07-03, 04:17 PM
Congratulations - enjoy it. That's great that it has such low mileage - you should get years of value from it...looks real clean too!

Allante North *
03-07-03, 04:22 PM
Welcome Barry,

Good looking Eldo! My neighbor has one that looks like a twin to yours.

03-07-03, 06:07 PM
Welcome aboard, Barry! And thanks for signing up.. A Biarritz, eh? Cool.. Looks like it's in mint condition. I always ask for interior pics.. Have any? We'll have a photo section up by the beginning of next week.. I hope you'll add your Cadillac photo album. :)

03-07-03, 06:17 PM
I sent you some interior pictures to your e-mail address.

03-07-03, 06:30 PM
Beautiful car Barry, welcome and good luck with it.

03-07-03, 10:15 PM
Nice looking Eldo...Barry! You dont see those years too often here in TN. :)