: Transmission: slippage to nothing

11-28-05, 09:11 AM
Well, my great Xmas gift (a month before XMas)... yesterday, my Cat 98 gave me a great gift: the transmission slipped once... now it doesn't work, doesn't engage... only gear that works is 1st... when set directly with the shifter. In D, nothing, the engine just rev's and nothing... no acceleration, no forward movement...

I will have it towed to a transmission specialist (a friend)... but I would like to know a bit more. The closest I can figure is the torque converter, hopefully just a solenoid or electrical problem....

Anyone have any ideas?

11-28-05, 02:47 PM
ok, did some searching(in the forum)... founds several posts about transmission fluid level... which could cause the problem I'm experiencing...

I never had it changed (and honestly don't recall if it was even checked), I have 140 000km... if it is low (which I hope) things will be ok, if it isn't that (or the solenoid)... I'm snafu'ed...

My question is: if the level is low but there are no leaks... where does it go?

blaze 1 4 brame-o
11-28-05, 04:09 PM
I wouldn't count on it. My 97 Cat does the same thing. I had my tranny fluid and filter changed and still the same result. If anyone knows what causes this I would sure like to know because as of right now I think I have to get a new tranny. Just putting it up for the winter I guess....

11-28-05, 06:11 PM
Well, i'm home now... it still changes gears (from P to R to D) even took it around the block and low and behold it shifts properly... well, for around the block anyway.

Now the Check Engine light is on... at least the code should indicate what's up with it... I'll have it towed (dealership is too far to trust a drive there), and see what the scan tool says...

(it's times like this when I start thinking it's time to change cars...:-(

Blaze... any other 'symptoms' on your side (even after the fluid change)? Any warning lights, codes etc...

After dinner, I will scan the Check Fluids pages from the 98 Manual and post them... when I was searching this afternoon, I noticed several requests for that info... (will also scan the changin fluid and filter part).

11-30-05, 09:37 AM
Should find out the scan results this morning...

11-30-05, 10:00 AM
Should find out the scan results this morning...
I hope it is the fluid

11-30-05, 10:15 AM
Ok boys... just got the call scan tool reports: P0730

Tranny tech isn't there today, will be in tomorrow... for further details.

blaze 1 4 brame-o
11-30-05, 01:01 PM
Pretty much the same symptoms. I could put the shifter in 1st,but when I manually tried to shift into second the car sounded as if it was in neutral. I took it to my tranny specialist yesterday and got lucky because he has the same tranny laying around. Anybody know how much a rebuild kit is for the tranny???

12-02-05, 03:12 PM
All first test completed.. there is an internal leak or lack of pressure inside the tranny... so... it's off to the transmission shop: for either a rebuilt tranny or a used one.

My Transmission guy is still looking around... he has located a used transmission (68000 Km), I think he said a 99... and he is waiting for another quote for a rebuilt one... in all he said to expect the whole job to be around 1400$.

Sigh.... I guess I will have to cancel Xmas and new year's this year. LOL

12-12-05, 01:55 PM
Have a new (rebuilt) transmission... actually had mine rebuilt... en cost: transmission work and labor: 1850$ CAD... works like a charm now.

1 year warranty parts AND labor...