: iPod connected to factory NAV/Radio?

11-28-05, 03:05 AM
Anyone connect an iPod to the factory NAV/XM/Stereo unit on a 2006 Escalade?

11-28-05, 11:45 PM
I have connected an Ipod Nano to a factory touch screen nav with sirius radio. You need to have a soundgate kngm1 connector to plug into the 5 bus plug on the back of your radio and then you need a sirius (sir-ken1) to hook up the sirius radio.You will also need a Kca-IP500 ipod interface connect this through the sirius port that says "changer" and it will come on the XM 2 station. You can also connect the ipod interface to the soundgate without the sirius radio and skip that all together. The interface will allow you to use the steering wheel controls except that all the songs will be as disc1 with the track being the number of the song in order of the amount of songs on the ipod, ie. disc1 track 100. You can play a playlist but you must start the playlist first then plug in the ipod and switch to xm 2 to here the music. The kenwood nav unit will allow you to choose genre and playlists but its about 2500 bucks and you can hook up the soundgate connector and the ipod interface (114.00 and about 95.00 probably cheaper if you shop around on line.) Quite a big difference compared to 2500. hope this helps.

11-29-05, 08:16 PM

I have this setup in my 02 escalade, works great. You sacrifice your disc changer, the radio thinks the ipod is a disc in a disc changer. You can use your steering wheel controls or the head unit to change songs.

11-29-05, 08:20 PM
I actually looked at that unit as well. The difference is the kenwood way with the soudgate connector either with or without sirius attached, you don't loose your use of your disc player!

12-01-05, 01:27 PM
Anyone connect an iPod to the factory NAV/XM/Stereo unit on a 2006 Escalade?

Why don't you use the USA Spec's PA 11 (http://www.usaspec.com/ipodgm.htm) ? I got it to work with my Nav system that has the Terk XM Direct (but there is instructions to connect it to the factory XM receiver) and 6 Disc Changer.
So the Ipod is XM1, XM radio is XM2 and my Changer is CDX

If you need help setting that up... just PM me :)

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