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12-13-03, 03:00 PM
Last weekend I posted a message about a P085 diagnistic code I was geting on my '95 STS...the code translates to read; "Idle Throttle Angle Too High" it was recommended that the throttle intake (body) be thoroughly cleaned including the throttle baffle plate. Sure enough the throttle intake and baffle were extremely dirty I cleaned all with throttle body spray cleaner...I immediatley noticed a difference in idle quality...much better and lower. However, the service engine soon light continues to remain on, Can someone tell me how to clear the diagnostic codes on a '95 STS... I truly believe the problem has been resolved but the computer has not cleared the trouble code. Your would be greatly appreciated! The code P085 continues to show!
Ron J. Zeraldo

12-13-03, 06:02 PM
Get into diagnostic mode (off/warmer).... when you are in there, press low until CLEAR CODES gets on the screen, and then press WARMER and it will display CODES CLEARED...

12-13-03, 06:48 PM
Wess, thanks again for your prompt reply...I did as you instructed and as written in the Cadillac On-board Diagnostic Trouble Codes web site, I cleared the PCM system...got back "Codes Clear"... do I need to select "Clear Codes?" for each of the various systems or only for the system that is showing a trouble code? I am still getting the "check engine soon" staying on. The code showing is P085! Even after the cleaning of the throttle body...any ideas?

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12-13-03, 08:02 PM
Well.....Im not sure if you need to do every system, but maybe.... I dont think you have to clear every system.... Then again, I have only messed with cadillac OBD a few times.... Id guess maybe someone adjusted the TPS or ISC to compensate for the bad idle.... Id check into that and try and get it back in spec....

BTW.. Im sorry if I sent you a double email..... I was cleaning my email box and replied to everyone i wasnt sure I did!