: Limited-Slip Differential

11-27-05, 03:21 AM
Was the Catera ever available with a limited-slip differenrial? I find it is odd considering that the European Omega's with the 3.0 had it standard but my car does not have one.

Also is anyone aware of any aftermarket options?

12-01-05, 10:59 AM
I remember reading lit on the 97 pre production Cateras that they were going to offer one as an option. I just don't think they ever made it. Are you considering on increasing your engine output? I know they offered one for the european market, or if you are thinking about putting down so big power you might want to find a wrecked GTO and get the rear end out of it.

12-02-05, 09:39 AM
When I picked up my '00 at the Cadillac dealership, I asked the same question. The sales weasel told that '00 was the last for the "posi" rearend and the '01 had the limited slip rearend. Hope this helps.


12-02-05, 04:41 PM
Posi is just GMs name for limited slip. I have an 01 sport and it does the one wheel peal.