: Pcv

11-26-05, 11:06 PM
How do I check the PCV for proper function and where is it? Would it throw a code in my 1993 Eldorado?

11-26-05, 11:27 PM
I am not positive on a '93 but if like the '97 & '99 it is on the rear cam cover, passenger side and sits in a rubber gromet with a large rubber hose attatched to it, maybe 3/8" I.D. Just pull it straight up out of the grommet. Shake it. If it rattles it is good.

11-27-05, 12:17 AM
Okay, I checked the one in the rear and it seems to be good (was on the driver's side in this model). However, I found a similar piece on the front cam cover that did not rattle. Is that also a PCV or is it something else? I was under the impression that there would only be one...I am trying to find the source of my oil consumption problem (9-10 quarts every 2500 miles)...it's coming out the pipes on WOT...

11-27-05, 11:58 AM
I think there is only one PCV.

HOLY OIL WELL, BATMAN! 9-10 qts. in 2500 miles! You never need to "change" oil at that rate. You have a continous flow of fresh oil. Something major is wrong here. Broken rings?

11-27-05, 01:56 PM
If it's bad enough that it's making blue smoke on acceleration you have a major problem that needs to be looked into.
That is horribly in excess of what it should be.
The other hose is a "breather" or basically a way for filtered air to enter the engine as the PCV valve sucks it out. It's just an open hole.
You have an oil control problem alright, it could be bad rings or any number of things.

Get that fixed.

I used to have a "check the gas and fill the oil car" myself but I fixed it.

11-27-05, 03:32 PM
Well, I don't quite know what color smoke is coming out the pipes, but on the rear bumper it's black---->fade to brown. In a strange twist, my oil cooler just took a dump today. I wonder if that old JB weld patch had in fact been leaking under pressure. I just never saw anything on the ground.

Well, I have called NAPA, Carquest, and Auto Zone and none have a listing for the 93 Northstar oil cooler. GM Parts Direct has one for about $80. Is there any way I could get the damn thing on a Sunday? I'm going to the Pick 'N Pull for a electronic suspension sensor link (I hope I find something). Where the hell else could I find that part today!?!?!?!?

11-27-05, 05:39 PM
Look under the car. If it is all oily, maybe that is where your oil is going, and the smoke is from oil on the hot pipes. That certainly would be preferable to oil coming OUT of the pipes.

12-04-05, 10:44 AM
:bighead: If you had THAT much oil literally comming out of the tail pipes then you WOULD ALWAYS see it when the car is running I would think.... I had an 89 Ford Ranger with a cracked head and bad #2 oil rings that only used 3 quarts between changes!! Get under the car see if there is an oil slick running from the cooler to the back of the car, then get in turn it on and walk to the back and see if there is bluiesh white smoke comming out of the tail pipes or if it is burning on pipes under the car and being blown to the back.... if it IS comming out of the pipes then get out the Amex card cause you're gonna need it. Good luck and keep us posted.