: Stupid snow!

03-07-03, 03:48 PM
Ugh... it snowed her yesterday. So today im going to school. I go outside to clean my car off and scrape the ice. My scraper broke in half. so here i am driving most of the way to school tank style with a little peep hole in my windshield. The heat is set on 90 inside and the windshield is still iced over compleetly on the passenger side.

I get most of the way to school and hear a pop. I think nothing of it cus my car always does that as things expand when the car warms up in the morning.

I get out of class and the car is all deiced from the sun. I get int he car to clean the ick off the windshiled. Then i found what made the pop. Well something hit my windshield on my way to school... and the ice on the outside and the 90 degreese on the inside didnt help.

Now i have a nice crack going all the way across the glass!!!!! At least my insurance company is quick with claims. There is someone coming to replace it between 8 and noon tomorrow. So Ill be all set. :banghead:

03-07-03, 04:12 PM
Bummer, sorry to hear about the windshield!

My caddy has been in the garage for most of the winter - this year's NJ winter has been horrible...fortunately I have another car to use that took all the a weather related abuse. I am looking forward to the spring so I can actually drive the STS daily...

03-07-03, 06:48 PM
My guess is that absolutely nothing hit your windshield. I'll bet you can't find that little starburst you always get from a stone.

It was just the thermal stress with the ice & snow on the outside & the heater going full thermal on the inside.

When the first "jellybean" car designs hit the market, I heard a few of these stories: "The car was finally warm - someone cut me off - I piled on the brakes - the snow slid off the roof - BANG! - the windshield cracked."

Glass is an amazing substance, but it just doesn't like thermal stresses.

03-07-03, 11:31 PM
AKP....i am an hour west of albany, we got crazy snow this winter. had around 140" on the ground at one point

i like this thing :banana:

03-08-03, 01:10 AM
no.. a rock hit it... or something... there is a small chip mark in the lower passenger side corner.

140 inches? GOOD GOD! i cant wait till all this crap is gone.. i wanna be able to drive with the windows open and the classic rock blasting!

03-11-03, 01:53 AM
We get the opposite in AZ, the burning 110 degrees on the outside, and the cool ac on the inside causes stone chips to crack almost right away.

Night Wolf
03-16-03, 12:34 AM
AKP..... you live in Poughkeepsie? neat, I was real surprised when I saw that, as this is the first time I ever talked to someone I met on a online forum that lives soo close.

I live in Clintondale, I am sure you heard of it, maybe not though, the town is ultra-small. 3miles from New Paltz, Highland and the other smaller towns around here.

Nice to meet someone that lives in the Mid-Hudson valley though. :D

03-16-03, 09:28 AM
ive heard of it... just had no idea where it is. Im in new paltz alot though. They have nice bars there. At least they are nicer than the dumps in Po-town. But this time of year getting to new paltz sucks cus 9w is one giant pothole! I hate the roads in the area. I go though at least 5 unavoidable potholes a gay.

but hi, good to meet you


Dead Sled
03-17-03, 07:45 PM
Ive had a teacher that would crack her windshield every winter while i was in HS

03-17-03, 08:17 PM
Down here in INDYANA it is 65 and sunny. Ahh, gotta love the sunroof!!!!!

03-17-03, 10:00 PM
thats it? up here in NEW YORK it was 76 and sunny! HA! :banghead:

03-17-03, 10:02 PM
Originally posted by Dead Sled
Ive had a teacher that would crack her windshield every winter while i was in HS

That might explain your spelling!:D

03-23-03, 02:18 AM
What do you guys know about winter down there in the heat.

03-23-03, 07:22 AM
Now heat is something I know about. Its not as bad a Arizona but the humidity is the one that makes you miserable down here.