View Full Version : N* 1994 compatible with 1995????

11-24-05, 10:22 AM
Could I put a 1995 4.6L "Y" engine in a 1994 4.6L "Y" Seville?
What would have to be transferred?:banghead:

11-24-05, 11:29 AM
I think the intake is different. Both are ODB1.
On the 95 the intake is one sealed piece with a beauty cover made of plastic. On 94 the intake is 2 piece and the beauty cover is actually part of the intake.

11-24-05, 07:58 PM
Can 1995 still be used? Is there a MAP sensor in the 1995? Will the wiring and 1994 ECM work with the 1995 engine? Could you put the 1994 intake on the 1995 long block?

11-24-05, 08:31 PM
You may have to do some custom wiring (lengthening wires or something), but IIRC, it should work ok. The 95 uses the 94 TB with the plastic intake. If you didn't want to do that, you could swap the intakes over. Note that if you swap the intake over, you will lose the EGR, and set codes. The 95 heads don't have the "mouse holes" needed for egr function with the 94 intake.

11-26-05, 09:55 PM
can you use the 1995 intake (with 1995 engine) and same wiring and sensors without any runability or setting code problems?

11-27-05, 09:59 AM
You should be able to, but you may have to lengthen/shorten wires. And I believe the 94 uses a different wiring harness for the intake, so at worst, you will have to be comfortable rewiring a few things. At best, you might be able to plug and play.