: Diamonds are not my only "BEST FRIEND"

11-20-05, 09:15 PM
~~~~~~THE COUNTRY CLUB~~~~~~~ :worship:
IT IS A PLEASURE TO BE AMONGST YOU!!!!!!!!!!! :cloud9:
AFTER TOTALING MY MIDNITE BLUE 1996 DeVille hitting a deer on my way back from the bus-stop 1 rainy morning bout a month ago :crying: Well actually it wasn't hitting the deer that totaled my beauty. In fact the deer did minimal damage { passenger-side fender & hood }. BUT...................... my insurance adjuster who would come to my location estimate the damage and cut me a check right there on the spot, would be tied up down in the cities as we had just had a series of devastating storms hit and noone would be available for quite some time and being the TOP OF THE LINE company that they are they wanted to make sure I was taken care of as ASAP ! Anyone looking for a outstanding INS CO. I highly recommend Safeco. Anyways my adjuster instructed me to go to the NOST reputable body shop in my area get an estimate ONE estimate not 2 not 3 but ONE!!!! Fax him the estimate and he would cut me a check that same day!! Well just so happened I knew just the shop and I would be going there the next morning!! SOOOOOO!! the following morning I was humbly on my way {I mean come on having a head-light out takes away from the superiority you feel when going down the road in your "Cut Above the Rest"} and down the road I go to doctor up my blemished beauty !! Well I end up getting behind a truck and do you think I can help but to display that....we may be wounded but got ~THE POWER~ Once again feeling the arrogance of ownership I have to show it off by stimulating my North-Sar Engine and passing anything in my way !! :tisk: Not a good plan of action cuzz in my efforts to maintain my on the road status I found myself on the side of the road in a new and shameful position as my hood had blew-up have way into the pass caving my windshield and using my Cadillac Emblem to latch itself into my roof!!
Not just NO-WAY BUT.......... NO F--King WAY :confused: {sorry for the expression but sometimes circumstances render & they say only stupid people use such expression But stupid was what I felt} To made a long thread short all the heartache resulted in my new puuuuurrrrl white Seville and all is well that ends well ! Thanks for all your time will be visiting again !! Wendy :wave:

11-20-05, 09:28 PM
Well I guess that is not the best way to get in a new ride:histeric: . Glad to hear you made it out o.k.! :welcome: to the forums. Me and y husband share this user name, but it is always great to see other females joining the site. Julie

terrible one
11-20-05, 09:46 PM
Welcome to the forums! Glad to have you!

12-15-05, 01:21 AM
Welcome aboard!