: Wasup everyone....just checkin in to say "HI"

11-20-05, 03:46 PM
Sooo...hows the place goin, havent been dropping by lately, im on thirdgen forum for FBODYs.....

Sold the caddy....Today...getting the price I wanted too...so im :)....

I managed to blow the transmission (well 3-4 clutch pack) on the 700R4 in the trans am.....BUT.....tommorow Im picking up a 500hp built one, gonna install that,.....yada yada yada

Also completly sanded down rims, removed clearcoat and polished the aluminum to a mirror finish, and Ive painted the rims their original black.

11-20-05, 03:50 PM
Long time no talk!, Sad to see that nice Caddy go but glad to see you found something else to fill its place!

11-20-05, 03:59 PM
Was your Caddy on Ebay? I thought I saw one that was identical to yours on there a couple of weeks ago.

11-20-05, 04:11 PM
Any new pics of the Trans-Am?

Lord Cadillac
11-20-05, 04:16 PM
Good to see you! Long time no see. Yes, show us some pictures. :)

11-20-05, 05:51 PM
Haha yep, that was my caddy you saw on eBay, people wanted it but never came through.....40bucks out but its o.k.
Dont have too many pics of the Trans Am but here are some I have, I had an LT1 inside sticker made for it, as you can see...just like the Intel Inside one.
Posi was a nightmare....bought one at the local UPullIt and it turned out mine is a heavy duty one....so no fit....but then after cleaning mine up and putting new posi fluid in I ended up getting full funtion 2 wheel burnouts.!!!! haha
Oh and I also ran every damn option code this car has.... It is a WS6 performance suspension trans am which makes it a pretty good handling car, actually WS6 Trans Am's are suposedly the best handling solid rear axle car ever....better then C4 vettes
These pics are before I redid the rims..

11-20-05, 08:09 PM
nice man... im just glad you didnt get that miata. good to talk to you again, you still plan on stickin around here arent you?

11-20-05, 10:15 PM
Hi Ya! Good 2 C U !! Stay awhile, grab a R/C and a chair and tell me, still have the BMW? If you wanna selll that Caddy parts book you once bought, I might be interested. Nothing new in my garage 'cept dust !

11-20-05, 10:41 PM
Damn thats a nice Trans Am! Is that a GTA?

11-21-05, 07:30 AM
Oh yea, definently gonna stay here for a looong time....this is the first forum of the first car I ever owned after all!

Still have the Bimmer.....hasnt given as many problems lately.....::knocks on wood:

Service manual is going with the car...if anything Ill maybe sneak it out of the deal

And nah....no GTA....oddly enough, besides leather and power seats I cannot tell the difference between my car and a GTA as this is a fully optioned Trans Am......Im no Fbody expert....but my car seems fairly rare actually...first owner was a woman in her 50's, 60's....ordered from factory.....2nd owner put the LT1 in it....spun out of control....got scarred....parked the car to rot for 1 yr and I found it on autotrader.....5 min of negotiations and TADA...I know own it for $2600

11-21-05, 08:21 AM
Oh, it's a service manual ?? I thought it was a parts book. I'd like a parts book. I kinda feel bad you sold the Caddy. Also surprised. I knew how much you liked it. We car people are a fickle bunch. I think you are going to come to miss it & will be looking for another 1989-1993 "C" body.