: Finally!

11-19-05, 07:05 PM
finally got the 1:64 Cadillac Fleetwoods by Jada here. went to Wal Mart and was looking around, seen their Homie Rollerz motorcycle crap and next to them were the Fleetwoods, Broughams, and Town Cars. so i bought all of them. its about time, i was ordered them a while back from somewhere but i never got them. i have been waiting since they came out to get them and finally, they are here. i also got a 1/24 DUB CITY Euro Spec Mercedes Benz SL55 AMG from a dealer, i havent even seen them on their site yet.

11-19-05, 07:07 PM

11-19-05, 08:42 PM
i just went on their site and typed it in under the search and nothing comes up. the only thing under Mercedes Benz is the the SL65 or something, the RC car. so i got it before it was released i guess. i got two of them actually, a white one with chrome wheels and a black one with blacked out wheels with chrome lips. there was a red one but i didnt care for it, and a silver one. also got a 1970 Firebird and another black 63 Coupe Deville from this dealer. he is an independent dealer at a local flea market. he gets alot of stuff before it comes out. he was gonna get the Fleetwoods for me but he had to get the whole set and i didnt want to drop 50 bucks so i could get them. he gets stuff in real quick and sells them for cheap, none of the other shops in there can keep up with him. some of the other shops have the more rare "Street Low" series that Jada started with. that is where i get most of my old Cadillacs and sruff. anyway, he bought 1,5k dollars worth of stuff for the holidays and he is going to get some more stuff next week for the day after Thanksgiving... they will be open on that Friday and it is the best place to got for that kind of stuff.

11-19-05, 08:45 PM
Ok so where's the pics?? BTW is it the 93-96 Fleetwood or the older styles?? Congrats on the pickup.

11-19-05, 09:00 PM
Ok so where's the pics?? BTW is it the 93-96 Fleetwood or the older styles?? Congrats on the pickup.

http://www.jadatoys.com/image_gen/12002_w10_64_Dub_die_blac_chro_1995_Cad_Fle.jpg (http://www.jadatoys.com/products.php?list=diecast&category=Dub City&scale=64)

http://www.jadatoys.com/image_gen/12002_w10_64_Dub_die_copp_flam_1990_Lin_Tow.jpg (http://www.jadatoys.com/products.php?list=diecast&category=Dub City&scale=64)

http://www.jadatoys.com/image_gen/90047_w2_64_Hom_die_brow_none_1986_Cad_Bro.jpg (http://www.jadatoys.com/products.php?list=diecast&category=Homie Rollerz&scale=64)

are you happy? all of mine have wires on them. the SL55 isnt on their site yet... hehehe, i got it first.