: Hey guys I need help with body molding

11-17-05, 12:38 PM
Ok here's the deal I traded in my 03 Escalade which was fine and nothing wrong with it for an 05 white diamond BIG MISTAKE I wished I kept the other truck but I didn't now here's the problem. My body molding is lifting from the truck both front over the wheel trim at the points is lifting and stuff is getting caught under it. It is going into the dealers on Friday but they don't want to remove it and reapply it (the way the guy was talking I don't want them to do that either) they are saying that with the white diamond paint if they remove the molding there is a very good chance the paint job won't match the truck so what they want to do is apply some kind of ahesive to it and us a heat gun???? this doesn't sound to good. Also on my drivers door the molding looks like it dropped not by the lines but there is a bit that hangs below the door and is sticking on the black weather stripping they wanted to trim that I told them NO then they said they could apply something so it would stop sticking. Now Tell me Guys what would you do I really need help.

I also noticed for what ever reason the 05's just don't seem to be put together like the 03's maybe it's just a quality control issue but I got a dud this time. Even my seats seem to be breaking down way faster then the 03. I only have 4500 miles on this truck.


11-17-05, 01:33 PM
why would taking off the moulding and reapplying it make the paint not match? i t wouldn't match if you took it off and left it off, but not if you put it back on with better/newer adhesive or tape.

11-17-05, 01:41 PM
I have been driving an 05' for the last few days, I have a customer that left it at my house and told me to drive it, I have an 03' and the 05' that I have is very nice, only has 3k miles on it, and the fit and finish is very good, al least as good if not better than mine, sorry your not happy with yours. I to do not understand how taking moulding off will cause any paint problems, unless they mark it up taking it off.

11-17-05, 03:18 PM
Well, find out how long they will guarantee the work. I mean if it fixes the problem and the trucks goes back to the factory look, why not. If you notice its not working and it starts peeling off again, take it back.

It sucks I know, maybe see if another dealer has another solution. If this is something theyve done before, they probably know that you wont be coming back in a few weeks for another fix. Give it a shot, nothing to lose.

11-17-05, 04:12 PM
Thanks I also didn't understand what they ment when they said the paint wouldn't match. I thought all they would do is remove the molding and reattach it to the truck. By the sounds of it they were going to order new parts and paint them.

As for the 03 vs 05 yes there are nice some nice upgrades but I think we lost some also. I liked the memory seats with the key fobs. I also thought that my leather was nicer in the 03. We traded that in with 20,000 miles on it and the seats still looked brand new. In the 05 the seats seem to be breaking down (like flatting out) faster more wrinkles in the leather (I guess I would have to show you what I ment in order to understand). Also the shifting on the truck seems to be rough. Has anyone had that issue. It's almost like it slips then catches.


11-17-05, 05:13 PM
lets just say it didn't match which it should... it's their obligation to paint the whole truck or w/e... dude i'd take the truck to them and make them fix it...

11-21-05, 02:38 PM
Got truck back and it's fixed and looks good. Thanks for the heads up on how to handle this. Now it needs a good cleaning....Sami