: If only I had some extra cash and room for another car....

Night Wolf
11-14-05, 08:39 PM
So yesterday I was driving, when something quickly caught my eye, so I pulled in and looked at it....

First, besides a few Caddy's from the 50's and a couple from the 60's.... there is notmany more that I *REALLY* want...

except a 1972 Eldorado convertible.

The outside styling is the best IMO, the grille/bumper/headlights is perfect, has the rear fender skirts, and unlike the ~'75, has my favorite interior of the 60's/70's... the dash curves for the driver, then is flat for the passenger. 120mph speedo, temp gauge etc....

Then my all time favorite inteiror is white leather.

So..... I managed to spot a car that nearly exactly fits the Eldo that I badly want.

the sign said $4,500 OBO,*IF* I was getting this car I wouldn't offer more then $3,000....

Firstly, the paint is fadded. I don't know the condition of the convertible top.... but a decent new paint job and convertible top woudl already bring the cost of this car (if it was $3,000) to around the price of a mint untouched '72 Eldo.

The car shows its age... the hood is misaligned quite a bit (sticks up at the hinge) when I looked under the car, it definitly has an oil leak. the lights/lens are good, just show sun beat, the chrome isn't too bad, there is only 1 small rust hold on the bottom of the front bumper... hardly an issue.

What I didn't like the most was the interior. White leather (kinda felt like vinyl) and the red trim was ok... but it was showing age.. the steering wheel was all cracked. The worst part was... its a hack job. Somebody cut up the dash to install an old cassette player, then put another hole it for a digital clock, then the bottom of the dash where your leg would go has a speaker/grille in it, so there is proabaly a hole there... then there is another speaker mounted in the trash bin on the passenger side (right thru it... real smart) and 2 rear speakers sitting on the back seat.

Then little things, like the controls for the windows/locks on the drivers door is all sticking out, the front bumper has been hit at one time becuase it is kinda tweaked up, just some more stuff like this that isn't that big of a deal, and on a 35 year old car is expected.... but for the asking price, and what they would go down... I think it isn't such a good deal.... IIRC it has around 110k miles... I *think* the first digit was a 0, but I don't remember.

Then again seeing the size and mass of this car, and how it makes my Coupe look like a toy... seeing it, in the shape its in now like, yeah, its stood the test of time, has been a daily driver and will keep coming back for more. look at the massive grille and bumper, the huge hood with the fender rising above and the light indicators on the inside of the fender lip.... peeking in thru the windhsheild at what the view would be like driving the beast, realizing that if anything smaller then a Greyhound bus hits you.... you aint stoppin'.... standing there at the side looking at the side profile of it (which I really like) and seeing the "8.2 Litre" badge on the fender kinda makes any man giggle inside.... picturing myself driving down the road on these beaufitul sunny FL days with the top down, even in the as-is condition just puts a huge smile on my face...

Of course seeing nearly the car I badly want makes you think alot... so I quickly run down the list about selling the '79. I honestly believe i could get $3,000 for that car, then if I could get the '72 Eldo for $3,000 (that alone is a long strech) then I could pretty much go right from a '79 Sedan DeVille to a '72 Eldorado convertible..... but then I would be giving up a car that is nearly mint for a car that is in need of alot of work.... but it is much more of a car....

What really makes me not so sad for passing it up is.... for $2,000... even $3,000, I could get a mint '72 drop top Eldo on ebay... if you figure the cost of a paint job, new top, re-chrome the bumpers etc... that is already the mark to get a better condition one. Then looking at this particular car, it looks like it would be better served as a fun toy then a full restored car, just because alot of stuff on the interior is fadded rusty or cracked (climate control dial is all fadded etc..) but then hold onto this car for another 10 years and even this will be gaining lots of money....

Still, I'll put it this way.... if someone was willing to give me $3,000 for my '79, and the owner of the '72 Eldo would take $3,000..... then I would be driving that thing this weekend. I passed up the deal on that '59 Sedan.... because it really wasn't practical at the time, but in this case, I would be selling 1 classic Cadillac for another classic Cadillac.... one that I badly desire.... and I would fix it up as time goes on. But thats just it, I am not going to be getting $3,000 for the '79... especially right before winter... tho there isn't a winter here in FL, and that guy may not take $3,000..... and by the time it all came together, it would be too late....

but gosh.... a 1972 Eldorado convertible with white leather interior.... damnit! I want the thing.

*IF* I got a car like that, it would be repainted BLACK!, the white leather and the red trim would stay.... the convertible top would probably be black just because white would be too hard to keep clean. How sweet would that be? a black Eldorado with white leather inteiror with red dash, carpet seat belts etc....

grrr.... I took a picture of the for sale sign with the phone number though... wh knows maybe when I am bored I'll call and get some more info on it.... what does everyone else think?

BTW, Sandy would like the included old FL plate :)

the seats were not ripped and in decent shape as well as the door panels.... the more I think about it, the more it isn't that bad of a deal. I would end up putting a CD player in it so thats ok....

but I need the '79 DeVille, because I am driving that back to NY over my Christmas break... then a car like my '79 would get more money in NY then FL, because there are no more nice classics like that in NY (though I have only see 2 '77-'79 Coupes down here and 1 was trashed, the other was beat) but nobody in NY will be buying a classic car right before winter.

Plus, I am not working, my parents (mother and her finacee') are paying for my expenses here at the apartment, so it really wouldn't be that practical at the time.....

Plus, if I REALLY had $3k in cash, I think I would rather put it in the bank and use it as a down payment for the Jeep I will be getting in 2 years or so... seems like a mroe practical way to budget my money.... but damn... look at this thing:









So is anyone interested in a mint '79 Sedan DeVille d'Elegance with lotsa extras? live in FL? even better, I can deliver it to you!

DopeStar 156
11-14-05, 08:48 PM
I wonder if those windows still go down....Looks like an all around ok car. I'll bet that engine is gonna be a nice can of worms to open. With one oil leak, there's uaually many more in other places. Still though, sweet car. Here's a mint one I saw at a car show back in May.


11-14-05, 08:56 PM
That would be such a perfect car for florida!

Night Wolf
11-14-05, 08:57 PM

thats like the EXACT same car.... just.....new.... wow.

LUXLNR, thats sweet :)

I bet the rear windows till go down, they are both power, but the one was up for the for sale sign and the other probably just to match, I dunno.

Notice how on the '72 I took pics of, the trim goes all the way thru the quarter panel, but on that one it ends at the door?

Still though, to get this car in that shape would be MUCH more money then it would cost to just but a nice one.... but damn, it would be nice to see that going to a good home.

the BB Cad's are known for the rear main seal to leak... but this wasn't the rear, it was the front, looked to be dripping somewhere around from the sway bar area... just for reference.

if i had to put a quart a week in the thing, I woudln't care, knowing me, the 500 would be pulled within time and getting completly worked over anyway, make that beast one quick sucker.... FWD and all :)

11-14-05, 08:58 PM
No kidding... I might go find it lol.

Nah, the round headlights arent my cup of tea, I like the square headlight model.

DopeStar 156
11-14-05, 09:02 PM
Ahh. I had the rear main seal leak on my 89. Fixed that a while ago, and the valve cover gaskets not too long ago. My car holds her oil now. Haha by the way, see that guy walking in the background near the rear fender of the Eldo next to he mailbox with the white shirt? Guess who that is....

11-14-05, 09:07 PM
Haha by the way, see that guy walking in the background near the rear fender of the Eldo next to he mailbox with the white shirt? Guess who that is....


11-14-05, 09:08 PM
Rick, go test drive it and report back!

Night Wolf
11-14-05, 09:42 PM
the ~'75 with the square headlights....

I kinda like, I actually like that style alot...

but the '72 just has so much more classic look to it...

the biggest thing that makes me choose a '72 over a '75....

the interior! the ~'75 has one of the most ugly and non appealing interiors in any Cadillac (IMO) I really don't like that.... while the '72 has one of my favorite.

I don't think fixing that oil leak would be much of a problem... that would definily not be on the top of the list of things to get fixed soon. As long as it isn't burning oil, I'll be inclined to lay rubber :)

eh test driving it... no plates on it (well....lol) so it would just be around the parking lot, not like I am gonna power brake it or anything... if I was really interested in it, I would... but I don't think I'll go back for a test drive.....

plus after test drivign the Jeep, I want one sooo bad now... I'd hate to throw a '72 Eldorado convertible ontot he list of "vehicles I badly want, but have test driven, so now I want more" :)

11-14-05, 11:19 PM
1) Buy it for $3500
2) Re-paint it white
3) Replace the leather with new white leather
4) put a new stereo inside
5) Mount a pair of bull horns on the hood

And be ready for everyone to start calling you "Hogg" :D. Seriously, that's what I'd do.

11-14-05, 11:44 PM
I'd do that, but just not the bull horns

Night Wolf
11-15-05, 12:11 AM

no, you can't be Boss Hogg without the horns... those are needed!

or maybe in my tradition of a super sleeper mobile.... leave it looking exactly as it is but build up an insane 500 and pray the CV shafts don't blow up.... Honda boy.... hell, Mustang boy next to me coudln't understadn why a 30+ year old beat up Cadillac convertible *FWD* just kicked his ass off the light :)

lol, sure some peopl emay have the General Lee... but I'd be Hogg :) lol... good stuff.

the Eldo has that aroma about it that it can keep getting smashed up... and keep going..... it has that evil pissed off look to it that seems to only be surpassed by the '57 Cadillac..... basically if you were a little Honda Insight late a night, you would NOT want that thing behind you :)

11-15-05, 12:34 AM
I think my modem is broken now :(

DopeStar 156
11-15-05, 01:56 AM
the Eldo has that aroma about it that it can keep getting smashed up... and keep going..... it has that evil pissed off look to it that seems to only be surpassed by the '57 Cadillac..... basically if you were a little Honda Insight late a night, you would NOT want that thing behind you :)
Go see the movie "Black Cadillac." You'll like it. These three kids in a Saab are being stalked by a black '57 Fleetwood. They call it an Eldorado but it's a 4 door, it's a Fleetwood or a Sedan de Ville.

11-15-05, 02:21 AM
I think this would be the worst thing to have behind you
That would be really scary to see in your rearview on a cold, dark, rainy night

Night Wolf
11-15-05, 07:07 AM
Go see the movie "Black Cadillac." You'll like it. These three kids in a Saab are being stalked by a black '57 Fleetwood. They call it an Eldorado but it's a 4 door, it's a Fleetwood or a Sedan de Ville.

yup, I rented that.

I saw the Caddy on the cover and automtically rented it.... weak story, predictable, but it was cool. I too caught the Eldorado... its like, no, its not.

There was another movie kinda newer that isn't popular, gosh I can't remember the name..... where the chase car is a '72 Eldorado Coupe.... something about the guy is weak and has no abality at all when out of the car, but in the car he is a killing maching.... it was really cool.

Then there was a cool chase scene in the origanal Terminator with what looks like a '72 Eldorado.

Ever see the move Folks? yea weird story and stuff, but the guy trys to kill the parents for insurance money, they stick them in their 70's Eldorado convertible going backwords on the interstate.... lol they have the camera down by the front right tire then show it doing a bunout... aftwerwords there is like a 200 car pile up on the highway and they are panning the camera, then they show the old man and women next to the Eldo and the cop was like.... ya know, these things are tanks, its amazing they didn't magange to get hit at all, so the guys asks if they broke anything (in reguard to the parents) and the cop is like....maybe a headlight, havn't checked.

lol.... few more movies too.

11-15-05, 10:48 AM
Then there was a cool chase scene in the origanal Terminator with what looks like a '72 Eldorado.

If you mean the scene in the parking garage, that was a baby blue '77 Eldorado Biarritz. You can tell it's a 77 v. 78 because the 78 has thicker vertical bars in the grill, and this one definetly is the '77. Its baby blue with a white vinyl half roof & greyish pillowtop leather seats. (you cant really see the color of the interior because of the lighting) He does an awesome burnout from the left front tire. I suppose he just put it in D then slammed on the gas, basically, he gets chased by a Diplomat cop car around in a parking garage, then he goes out fast onto the streets, its neat to see that big Eldo when driven aggressively. Whenever the cop car (terminator) gets next to the Eldo, the eldo just sideswipes it and the Diplomat goes flying.