: coolant smell help!

11-14-05, 08:38 PM
hi back agine me and my 2000 deville ... took it in today for a smell around top of engine thay told me there going to check the water pump every thing looks good but there is a light smell of coolant when you stop at a red light or when i shut the engine off it seems like it's coming from the left top side of the engine ? no leaks of any kind for the coolant..... thay told me some of these cars do this? last one i had smell like this it was a vaule cover gaskit no big deal ....let me know if anyone has the same problem.....:hmm: thanks frank......

11-17-05, 01:16 PM
sounds exactly like the problem i had....and, it seems not many people are aware of it. though, my car was a 94, the symptoms sound the same. i could smell coolant, and then start to smell it in the car; especially at stops. i could never find any puddles where a leak my be, but when i opened the hood i could definitely smell it. i drove it for awhile like this until it just got rediculous (you could see greenish colored steam coming from the cracks in my hood while i was stopped) and i took it in the shop. they said that my freeze plugs were shot and my coolant was leakingon the exhaust manifold and burning before it even got to the ground. well, 800 dollars later (all labor) and i have no smell, and no leak.....id have them checked. its worth a shot, and i think it might be worth a stickie to make people aware of this problem, especially if they are afraid of a head gasket leak. peace