: End of the line for high luxury VW Phaeton...

11-14-05, 06:59 PM

At least in the U.S. . I think we all saw the writing on the wall for this one. Its a nice car, but it certainly doesnt make much sense to drop 100k on the W12 model when the Audi W12 is not substantially more and provides slightly higher luxury overall along with a luxury nameplate. I know Sandy had a love/hate relationship with the Phaeton (because he loves it but it is foreign) and Mccombie loves his, but it just wasnt very logical.

I think VW is taking the smart road in turning themselves into a volume brand like Buick or Pontiac. Their vehicles still have substantially better fit and finish than anything else in the volume category here in the U.S. and are getting better all the time. With reliability issues getting better I dont see that there was any need to try and sustain a halo-car like the Phaeton for any length of time.

11-14-05, 07:08 PM
Damn that sucks! I agree with you, It doesnt make sense to price this so close to the A8L, but it was such a nice car! Mccombie's gonna be crushed:ill:

11-14-05, 07:08 PM
It was expected. I knew it wasnt going to sell alot, but thats why i bought one. Its not somethign to be passionate about, but it is tremendous at what it is.

Ive never seen another one other than the one i drove for test. Its the best car i own. It has the smoothest engine.

Its also beautifully looking....

The Passat does similar for alot less


DopeStar 156
11-14-05, 09:05 PM
I dunno why VW went and decided to make a high luxury model? No one goes to VW for luxury, you go there for.....Jettas I guess.... To me it's like going to Hershey's for Chicken...

11-14-05, 09:12 PM
'Ya, I liked it and thought it was a very viable competitor. I am sad to see it go.....by the way, WHEN is it going ? The 2005 is the last, the 2006 ?

I mean I am sad, but NOT in mouring as I was when Chrysler killed the Imperial, when Cadillac killed the Eldorado or recently when Buick killed off the Park Ave Ultra.

11-14-05, 09:18 PM
I believe it will be on sale to dealers through July of 2006. So the 06 is the last, and 07 will continue on in other parts of the world, however the car has not received real acceptance anywhere, its not just a U.S. problem.

What does make me a little perturbed is that Ferdinand Piech literally diverted badly needed funds away from other core VW projects to make the Phaeton happen, and that is why VW is now in the slouch it is in. Fresh product is only now starting to roll back in.

11-15-05, 02:08 AM
Good riddance as far as I'm concerned, VW obviously think far too highly of their brnad. They need to understand tht they are no better than Ford or Vauxhall and Ford wouldn't be able to sell a 70K Mondeo any more than they can sell a 70K Passat.

11-15-05, 02:23 AM
Good lookin cars I tell you what!

I'd buy a W12 used if I could....what a bargain (so much for so little) and talk about your sleepers!!

11-15-05, 04:02 AM
Indeed it as equally, or BETTER than some of the competition.

It was an exercise that, i suppose, they would have done anywya, they needed a rolling platform for the Bentley Flying Spur.

11-15-05, 04:14 AM
Funny, I just learned of the VW Phaeton when browsing a magazine while waiting in the dentist's office. The review was not one of favor though. The primary objection was price, then avaiability since it is a very limited production car for the US market.

As nice as the car may be, the big VW logo on the back spoils the look in my opinion. I don't think I would consider a used one, even if it were very deeply discounted. Parts may be a very big issue.

11-15-05, 09:24 AM
Parts will not be a problem because the car is the same as the A8, even with respect to engine options... and the design did not go to waste either because the A8 is still around. VW should have learned their mistake with the W8. Now they are making the top of the line Passat 3.6 4-motion with a $38K sticker! :suspense: