: What's that smell...

11-12-05, 09:52 PM
My 2000 is originally a South Carolina truck....now living in NY. I used the heat for the first time yesterday, and now the entire interior smells like something died in my heater ducting (actually, smells moldy...not the nice leather smell it had before) Any ideas (besides something actually being dead in my heater ducts) Is there anything I can spray (and where do I spray) somewhere to get rid of this stanky smell? Thanks in advance.:alchi:

11-12-05, 10:24 PM
This typically is caused by a collection of water in the air conditioner's evaporator area (the a/c may still be working with your heater to dehumidify the air). The standing water breeds bacteria, and that can really stink. The problem easily can be cured by treating the evaporator with an antibacterial product. I don't know of any do it yourself kits, but it's worth a check at the parts store.

There may also be mold in your vents, which can be cured with some sprays or foams available commercially at most parts stores. Most of these sprays are directed into the air inlet from the outside of the vehicle.

Hope that helps.


11-12-05, 11:22 PM
I have also heard of people running there vehicles with all windows up and doors closed and there heat turned on to max setting to burn off all the mold in the ducts and evaporator. Not sure if it works but worth a try. Let us know your solution.

11-13-05, 12:27 AM
Yup. Autozone has a kit that will sanitize the stuff. Turn your AC on full blast, take a sheet of paper and run it up along the underside of your glove compartment area, until the paper gets sucked up. That location is where you need to spray the sanitizer WHILE the AC is onl full blast. Do it until the bottle runs out and let the AC run for about 5 minutes and shut it off. Give it a day or so and it will be gone.

11-13-05, 06:29 PM
I tried the Lysol spray into the air inlets under the hood...was good for about 10 minutes and the stench came back. I'll try the stuff from Autozone. I'll let ya all know how it works out!