: Escalade Dash Rattle

11-12-05, 09:08 PM
I'm 16 and my dad has an 05 Cadillac Escalade. We bought it used with 25,000 miles from the dealer about four months ago and my dad does a lot of driving for his job. There is a rattle in the dash and we have taken it to the service shop twice where we bought it, but the problem has not been fixed. You know how it works, you have them ride with you in the car but whenever a service guy is with you, it doesn't rattle. THis is starting to tick my dad off and he wants to sell it and buy a Porsche Cayenne S. Should we take it to another Cadillac dealer? Request that it be fixed or further action be taken? Contact GM?

On a side note, the whole car feels rather loose. The steering wheel is loose, and the actual steering is loose, is it suppose to be this way?

Thanks for all the help,

11-12-05, 09:20 PM
Well, depending on what kind of roads it's been driven on and how it's generally been treated, that can losen up a car a lot. However, as painfully annoying as it can be, a rattle doesn't exactly count as even a remotely big problem, so the most you could probably do is again take it back to the dealer, or try a new one, and see if you can repeat the noise.

Even better, like I had to do this summer when our Suburban's wipers started losing their mind, the service dept. said "they work perfectly" fine, I left, and just a little bit down the road, they went nuts again. Turned right back around, went inside and told them to come watch, and they finally saw it. THAT, might be a good idea for the noise--if you're anywhere near the dealer and hear it, stop by and just ask for a service guy to come for a ride with you right then and there. Then, hopefully, they'll be able to take note of the noise.

On a side note, the whole car feels rather loose. The steering wheel is loose, the actual steering is loose, is it suppose to be this way?

Kinda. The body and interior shouldn't feel loose at all on a relatively fresh '05 model, but it is a truck based on mechanicals from several years ago, so it'll never be as precise as some new sports sedan. Talking about the steering specifically, the '99+ GM trucks and SUV's have consistently been criticized for rather sloppy and vague steering feel, especially on center, so that might be something you just have to live with. There's also a VERY common problem with the steering intermediate shaft that, if bad, will cause clunking and knocking when turning, especially if going over bumps at the same time. Most dealers are more than aware of it and keep the part(s) on constant stock, so you might want to say something next time you're at the service dept. if the truck has similar symptons.

But yeah, overall, the truck has 25k miles on it and should still be close to new, but there isn't much action you can take because of an intermittent dash rattle and it just seeming a little loose--a lot of that is based on the design in the first place.

11-13-05, 12:02 AM
slap in some notorious BIG in the cd player tu when your rolling turn it up a lil bit you wont hear it. turn it way up and it will really rattle and you can see where its coming from.

11-13-05, 08:39 AM
Thanks for all the help guys. I will discuss this with my dad and hopefully it can be fixed. If anybody else has suggestions, it would be greatly appreciated.