: Chrysler "TC"...?

11-12-05, 02:23 PM
I remember seeing one of these driven by a girls dad at my school years ago. It actually didnt look half bad but apparently they were an absolute disaster fit and finish wise and sales-wise. I remember reading in the book "COMEBACK: THE FALL AND RISE OF THE AMERICAN AUTO INDUSTRY" that there were literally piles of junked TCs behind the Chrysler facilities because the fit and finish of the cars was so poor they would have never passed QandA testing.

It seems only 7300 cars ever actually made it into production.

Anyone ever owned one? Sandy, your the Chrysler expert... whats your opinion?


11-12-05, 02:46 PM
Its interesting.......

Looks like a half assed 93+ Eldorado Convertible.

There is one car from Chrysler that i did like. It was featured in the film Jumanji. The LeBaron Convertible?

Ive never seen one in the times i have been to America, it seemed terribly exotic when i saw it in the film.


11-12-05, 02:47 PM
Actually. Looking at them, it appears that Lebaron is a "TC" with a new nose and tail, look at the door and a pillar.

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11-12-05, 02:54 PM
Why did the bother?

A K-Car based international parts meet

11-12-05, 02:58 PM
Ewwww K cars

11-12-05, 04:10 PM
It was another interesting K car ....

Early on the engine was a chrysler turbo 2.2 with a 16 valve twin cam maserati cylander head ....Maserati did a few other odds and ends on it ....by the end TCs had the 3.0 mitsubishi built V6 ....Exceptionally rare and the ones "to have" would be the 5 speed 2.2 maserati built powertrain cars of the early years (1989-1990).....

From what i recall sandy said one of the worst parts of the car was the interiors scent , apprenty the cars stunk to the high heavens from that italian leather with whatever the factory sprayed on it to keep it fresh , whatever it was it never worked and your pretty hard pressed to find any with a decent original interior

TC is to Lebaron as Allante is to Eldorado ....boath are short wheelbase 2 seat versions of there parents

11-12-05, 04:11 PM
The Chrysler Lebaron was about the only K-Car derivitive I was ever able to stomach. In some of the nicer trims the convertible was actually not that bad.

11-12-05, 04:16 PM
Yes i very much like the LeBaron

11-12-05, 04:24 PM
Yes i very much like the LeBaron
hurry up and get one from florida , this is where they all ended up , you see them every day ont he way to work sick and dieing ont he side of the road , or sitting next to you in traffic going thru there finial "death rattle"...the roads here are littered with the once proud machines ...

there are two "must have" lebarons ...

1) the 1987 Indy 500 Pace car edition


2)1990 GTC VNT : VNT Stood for Varible Nozzle turbo , virtully lag free 170+ hp , 65,000 lebarons made and i belive less then 50 had the VNT engine , coupe were espcially rare , i passed up a 1 of 8 VNT Coupe

11-12-05, 04:28 PM
Oh hell no i wouldnt own one!

I just admire it, its a very nice looking car, id muchr ather have an Allante though!

Its nice looking, but i still prefer Allantes.

Its just those headlamps on the Chrysler are dreamy.

11-12-05, 05:01 PM
This post is funny because we just looked at a LeBaron convertible just like the one in mccombie_5's picture today!

11-12-05, 05:01 PM
It was an okay car. I had one for a new car DEMO. Nothing to write home about. The quality was much much better than the first writer herein states. That is simply not true. It's novelity was the hardtop removeabe roof with Thunderbird-like circular port hole window in the removeable top. It had beautiful, plush leather interior, that was drop dead georgious and also totally wore out in 3 years (or less)! A mere "blip" on the car time machine...BUT holly heck one HUGE web site and a devoted group of followers in the thousands! They were 20% Maserati, 20% K-Car and 60% LeBaron.

Owners are MORE dedicated than Mustang Shelby owners are !! (You are warned)

11-12-05, 05:03 PM
The TC is a neat part of automotive history. If I could find one for Lebaron prices (they get expensive, lots of TC fanatics out there), I'd get it just to have it. I doubt I'd drive it more often than once a week.

11-12-05, 05:58 PM
Anyone know what MSRP was vs. a loaded Lebaron of the same era?

11-12-05, 09:02 PM
No, but I recall it was a $9,000 JuMp UP to a Maserati TC, from a super loaded LeBaron (top of the line) convertibe...if THAT is waht you are after ...