: Wheel Qs

11-11-05, 04:42 PM
Hi all,

So my buddy just got a new-to-him 2002 E-lade, and he's not too technically savvy... actually neither am I, but for some reason he thinks I know what I'm talking about :histeric:

Anyway he was asking about wheels - not gonna ask the obvious 'which should I get' or 'what size' - I was thinking more along the lines of the differences between cast and forged, and what 1-piece, 2-piece and 3-piece means (I guess it means wheels that come apart? Why?)

As for me I got a brand spanking new Chrysler 300c - but that's a story for a different forum. I figure wheels are wheels, though, and the pros and cons of cast, forged, one or multi-piece all apply regardless of the vehicle...

Appreciate the input...

11-12-05, 12:31 PM
The face of the wheel, the outside lip, and the inside lip are three seperate pieces. They are held together by what they call buttoms. Torx headed bolts going around the wheel. Most wheels have fake buttons.

Avon Custom Wheels
11-13-05, 10:48 AM
Hey Frankie,

Tell your friend unless he has a big wheel budget then I'd go with the 1 peice wheels. 3 peice wheels are nice, but if you see from one of the other threads the thieves love them too. As far as size goes I know alot of people run 24's but I can't tell you how many we have replaced due to being bent while driving around and hitting pot holes. Gets pretty expensive! Even though I'm a wheel dealer I still have only 22's on my EXT. Congrats on your 300c purchase, if you are looking to accessorize check my other site out. www.AvonCustomWheels.com