View Full Version : ugh...i hate having cars out of warranty

11-10-05, 06:59 PM
Just paid $225 for a throttle body clean/computer update to fix a low idle issue on my 2001 Denali. Add that to the $90 for a battery and the $200 recently for a AC recharge. LOL :nono:

I would have sold it the second it went off warranty but the boss likes it too much :cloud9:

Anyhoo....sup Lounge :cool:

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11-10-05, 07:13 PM
I spent $8000 out of pocket on the Q45 in the last two years. Welcome to the club, my friend! :D

11-10-05, 07:23 PM
yup, once the warranty goes, so does the rest of the car. mine just ran out and my air conditioner (well doesnt really matter now that winter has set in) is going crazy when it is on Auto or on high. doesnt do it when the heat is on high though. guess its a problem for next summer. da well, i got til then.

11-10-05, 07:33 PM
I am going to be so screwed when the extended warranty is up on my truck. Urby I know the low idle and battery problem - I had the exact same ones. The TB cleaning was under warranty and the battery was out of pocket.

11-10-05, 07:36 PM
I spent $8000 out of pocket on the Q45 in the last two years. Welcome to the club, my friend! :D

Dude isnt't that excessive for a 14 year old ride with over 200K on the clock!?

.....or was it one of those, little part here and little more there that added up?

11-12-05, 05:40 AM
PFF. Cars off warranty are good. 'Specially if you can DIY most things. Lets see, I could've paid $10k for a 98 STS, or $50k for an 04 when I bought my ETC (using STS since ETC quit in 02.) It would take me a LONG LONG time to make up $40k worth of parts, even if you do pay a mechanic.

11-12-05, 06:53 AM
Warrenty is no big deal. I tend to not keep cars until its expired anyway. But my STS, my S600, my Vectra, my AStra, my Rover, and my Range Rover are all out of warrenty. No biggie. Just pay the maintainence, its what to expect with a luxury vehicle or truck, and if its a non prestige car and it costs alot, SELL IT!