: No radio, lost door lock programming - HELP

11-10-05, 01:28 PM
I've searched the past posts to see if this problem had been reported before, but didn't find it. Maybe I'm blind...

I discovered 2 problems that occurred at the same time in my '97: my door locks no longer lock when I shift into Drive, nor unlock shifting back to Park. Plus my radio no longer works (no display, no sound). I ran through the door lock reprogramming procedure in the owner's manual more than once, but it's a no-go. Also, the radio DOES work after I shut the engine off and am running off that 10 minute accessory delay. But when I start the car back up, the radio's kaput again. I'm leaving soon for a fairly long trip and I'd hate to go without my cd music. I don't know how the two problems are tied together, unless a shared module is going bonkers. Any ideas???? :banghead:

11-13-05, 12:11 PM

11-13-05, 07:28 PM
It almost sounds like it could be the BCM, for the radio atleast. Although Im wondering if that also has an effect on the shift/lock.

Can you still lock all the doors with the button on the console and your remote?

Here are some links with info about the radio issue atleast. It could be any one of these since they all seem to be different :suspense:




I'm going to ponder some more about the auto lock situation and get back to you...

11-13-05, 07:50 PM
Thanks, Jeffery. Yup, the door lock buttons work fine, and the RKE locks/unlocks fine as well. I also just noticed the interior lights don't work when the ignition's on "run" either. I won a set of service manuals on Ebay, but they haven't arrived yet, so I'm flying blind. I'll check out the links!

11-20-05, 05:12 PM
Jeffery, you're the man! :worship:

One of those links got me started in the right direction, then I studied the schematics in the service manual. It was fuse #10. As soon as I plugged a new one in, the radio worked and the doors locked when I shifted into Drive. Now, I realize I may not be out of the woods yet, and the cause could still be the aux water pump, so I don't know if/when the fuse will blow again. If it does, I'll suspect the pump. :woohoo: