: Bypassing the Oil Cooler

11-09-05, 11:09 PM
I know this has been talked about before, but I just want to be sure myself. I wanted to know what someone else thought about by-passing the engine oil cooler in my 98 by cutting the pipes on the inlet and outlet down by the oil filter about 2 or 3 inches back. And then I have some tranny oil cooler rubber hose that I was just going to slide over the left over piping at the oil filter, and then hose clamp each end so that the oil just goes through my new rubber hose rather than the lovely oil cooler. Also could there be any "side effects" from not having the oil cooler there?

11-17-05, 04:05 PM
Hey BIG420dog,
That sounds like a very good idea to me. Since no one has replied, I am guessing that no one is really sure if it will cause other problems or not. If you try kit let me know how it goes.

11-17-05, 11:04 PM
Well, in my humble opinion, why not remove the transmission cooler while you're at it. Sorry. Snide remark! They both do the same thing. Reduce the temperature so the oil is within the designed viscosity for the friction causing parts. Any counter remarks?