View Full Version : Look what i did .....To my computer

11-09-05, 09:14 PM
It took me 2 months to do this but i redid my desktop tool bar thingy ....i downloaded some program that lets you change the "skin" so i uploaded some pics , did some photochoppin and put them inthe program and modified the pics till they worked how i wanted

The Start button is replaced with the Cadillac Script , when you move over the "start button" it turns into the Logo for the remote Start on a 2005 STS ....the buttons across the bottom for the windows were inspired by the dash on a 89 Fleetwood Brogham , where the warning light shows thru the woodgrain ....

I call it Cadillac XP:

pretty cool , esp for someone like me who has to tech themselves how to do it .....but i saw my little brother had made his look diffrent ....so i wanted ot make mine diffrent too

PAW 47
11-09-05, 09:21 PM
Dang Stony.. thats sweet..

11-09-05, 09:23 PM
took forever man ....hardest part was getting rid of the windows logo ....it was all trial and error , since i dont know code or whatever runs this stuff id just click and change something and make a note of what happend .

11-09-05, 09:24 PM
Cool. I thought maybe you downloaded one of those pesky toolbars that you can't get rid of even from "Control Panal."

11-09-05, 09:27 PM
no but i do get a pop up type thing as i boot my computer ....

you should have seen the analog clock i had on there ....but it messed up my computer so i got rid of it

11-09-05, 09:31 PM
Wow man!
Stoney, the amount of energy you have to pursue all these projects has me ashamed of myself.
Thats great dude.

11-09-05, 09:46 PM
I just took on a new project last night ....

I found a 1973 Corvette Model on e bay , so i got it and its on its way down here ....the kit dates back to 73 , and the body was painted ....

gonna be alot of work to get all the paint off and then build an exact replica of dads 73 , and have it done and perfect by christmas

11-09-05, 09:50 PM
the body was painted ....
gonna be alot of work to get all the paint off

Helpful tip:

Paint it with DOT3 brake fluid. Paint comes off & plastic is unharmed, just wash it in soap & water before trying to reapply paint! :bouncy:

11-09-05, 09:51 PM
got pleanty of DOT3 ....good idea ...i was gonna use easy off on it

11-09-05, 09:54 PM
I've had to repaint plastic models, and varsol seems to work good, but then, the paint wasn't on for more than a year when I re-did it.

Paint thinner should work too?

DopeStar 156
11-09-05, 10:47 PM
Hahaha I like the SIXTY SPECIAL emblem on the monitor.

11-09-05, 10:53 PM
heh ....yah ....i do too .....it covers where it used to say "mitsubishi"

11-09-05, 11:43 PM
Hey, thats cool. What program did you use?

And check it out, this is my 900th post. :woohoo:

11-10-05, 07:04 AM
very nice man :)

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11-10-05, 07:24 AM
oh thats freakin cool! you suck i wana do that.....