: Ultimate Luxury/Performance Car's Option List

11-09-05, 03:01 PM
Here is the Maserati Quatroporte's Option List. The largest on Earth! But, as you can see, the BMW 7-Series or M-B S Class is just no match ! With EVERYTHING on it ~ it's window sticker (s) are around $ 140,000. It starts at $105,000.

Maserati Quatroporte`
V-8 4.2 Litre 400 H.P. Rear Wheel Drive
6-Speed Automatic with Duo-Mode Select.

Custom Made To Your Specs (and Wallet)

19" Alloy Wheels, 8.5 Fronts & 10.5 Rears
Tire Pressure Monitor
Titanium Color Brake Calipers
Metallic Braided Brake Pipe
Skyhook Software
Perforated Leather Seats
Performance Aggressive Driving Front Bucket Seats
Front & Rear Heated Seats
Front & Rear Air Conditioned Seats
Front & Rear Seats with Built-In Massaging Feature
Rear Seat HVAC Seperate Controls
Manual Rear Door-Window Sun Shades
Bright Red Brake Calipers
Blaupunkt 5-Disc CD Auto Changer
Front Console Mounted 7.5 inch Color T.V. / DVD / Navagation
GSM Phone Kit
Prior Year Maserati Paint Color
Paint Color Upon Your Submitted Sample
Any Paint Color applied on a car since 1957.
Dashboard, Door Panels, Rear Shelf in Custom Color
Steering Wheel, Hand Brake Boot in Custom Color
Seat Stitching in Contrasting Color
Seat Piping in Custom Color (Includes Headrest Piping)
Genuine Rosewood, Mahogany or Briarwood interior Trim
The above 3 woods WITH a contrasting wood Inlay color Border
(Example: Mahogany wood with a Rosewood boarder)
Titanium Interior Trim
Front & Rear Electronic Parking Assist
Special Glove-Soft Italian Leather Seats
Front Body Forming Power Adaptive Seats for Aggressive Driving
Retractible Folding Matching Wood "Picnic" Tables built into rear of front seats - 2
5 Piece Matched Luggage matching interior leather choice fitted to trunk
Power Glass MoonRoof
Custom Interior Color; Seats
Run Flat Tires
Rear Color T.V. / DVD Monitor Remote Control with 2 set wireless headphones
Rear Seat Center Armrest Refrigerator for 2 Six Packs or 2 Two-Litre bottles, or other food.
(Incl. 4-Cut Crystal Italian Stemware Glasses packed into a storage container in rear hat shelf)
Leather (matching Seats) -OR- Alcantera Suede Headliner
Wood Accented Steering Wheel
19" Chrome Polished Wheels
Electrochromatic Exterior & Interior Mirrors
Xenon Headlights with Power Washing System
Fire Extinguisher
Poltrana Frau Natral Leather Covering Interior Door Panel & Dashboard "Poltrana Frau" Die Cut into Headrests
Pilkington "Glass Pack" Front Door Windows & Windshield Glass (Infa-Red) & Heated W'Shield
Pilkington Reflecting Laminated Windows Included.
Pilkington Privacy Self Darkening Rear Door Windows & Rear Window with Rear Window Power Sun Screen
Aluminum Racing Pedals
23ct. Gold Plated Clock Bezel and Clock Hands on an Ebony Background
Maserati "CALL" Telematics System.

It takes just about 100 days from order submission to car arrives at dealer.

11-09-05, 03:06 PM
Too bad its not a terribly exciting performer and has a less than compliant overall ride quality. Otherwise it would be a world class sedan.

Me? Ill spend a little more and get a Bentley Continental Sedan with 152 more horses.

11-09-05, 03:55 PM
I cant do mine online, so i have to sit with a brochure and work it out myself. I cant find it, but this is pretty much it, Jaguar Super V8 in Radiance with Sepang 20" alloy wheels. Interior: R Performance Leather seats in Cranberry with Burr Walnut veneer and Warm Charcoal upper facia

Taking me a while, but heres what it would be like :)

Sorry for the immense amount of photos, but each is more beautiful as the last!









Just like that, with this interior:


Standard Options:

-Exterior Mirros With Ground Illumination
-Front Fog Lights
-Automatic Headlights
-Bi Xenon Headlights
-Heated Front Windscreen with timer
-Heated Rear Window with timer
-Parking Assist Front
-Parking Assist Rear
-Rain Sensing Wipers
-Burr Walnut Gearknob
-Multi Adjustment Comfort Seats (front)
-Memory Pack
-Soft Grain Leather Pack
-Electric Heated Twin Seats, with front passenger seat adjusment from rear (rear)
-Heated Walnut Sterring Wheel
-Burr Walnut Veneer
-Analogue Clock
-Four Zone Auto Climate Control
-Adaptive Cruise Control
-Multi Function Steering wheel, with controls for stereo, bluetooth, telehone and voice control
-Cupholders, twin front
-Cupholders, twin rear
-Electric Windows, one touch
-Footpedals, electric adjustment
-Power steering, speed sensitive
-Rear Cigar Lighter
-Interior Mood Lighting
-Electric Steering Column Adjustment
-Rear Electric Sunblind
-Sunvisors, Driver and Front Passenger Illuminated with Vanity Mirrors
-Trip Computer, Dual Function
-Jaguar Premium Alpine Sound System
-Bluetooth Connectivity
-Bluetooth Pre Wire
-CD Autochanger
-Front JaguarVoice Controls of stereo, Navigation, Telephone

Extra Options: (i found a E-Brochure)

-Full size spare wheel
-Sunroof, glass, electric slide, tilt, shade.
-Tyre Pressure Monitoring System
-Sepang Split Rim Cast Alloy wheels
-Rear Business Trays
-Electrochromic rear view mirror with integrated compass
-Lambswool Rugs
-Rear side window sunblinds
-Rear voice control of telephone, climate control, stereo
-Rear TV tuner
-Bespoke First Aid Kit
-Bespoke Warning Triangle

Cost of Vehicle (with standard options)


Cost of vehicle (with cost options)


This effectively makes the car FULLY LOADED to the extreme of the sense, it has every optional extra.

Total in USD $142,000


11-09-05, 05:06 PM
C'mon guys!

You must all have these.........

I knwo Ralph Does :sneaky:

11-09-05, 05:13 PM
The problem with the Quattroporte is that the styling isn't as exciting as it should be, not exactly bland, but it doesn't get my blood rushing.

11-09-05, 05:23 PM
The problem with the Quattroporte is that the styling isn't as exciting as it should be, not exactly bland, but it doesn't get my blood rushing.

There are few four door cars on the market that are as beautiful, IMO.

Subtle, Understated.

This is one of the few that are as beautiful, IMO

Alfa Romeo 166

11-09-05, 06:00 PM
oy that nose is horrid

11-09-05, 06:06 PM
oy that nose is horrid

The old one was nicer.

The one down there maybe isnt as good as the old one, still beautiful though.


11-09-05, 06:09 PM
naw, i'd still take the XJ you posted :)

11-09-05, 06:10 PM
naw, i'd still take the XJ you posted :)

Me too :)

Looking at something similar, although my son is ordering an S-Type in that colour, so im thinking of maybe "sea frost"

11-09-05, 06:15 PM
Urb- Like the other one, but in this colour, with the interior below, cos red dont go with that colour!



This, would be something id like too, but unfortnately, its a one off factory concept, the Daimler Corsica:


11-09-05, 06:18 PM
i dunno man
the red outside may go with the cream interior...guess you'd have to see it in real life....

11-09-05, 06:21 PM
i dunno man
the red outside may go with the cream interior...guess you'd have to see it in real life....

I meant the red interior, it only goes with three exterior colours really, red, black, or white.

If i get that seafrost colour, it would have to be in cream interior, red interior just wouldnt work with the cream.

So its either Red/Red or Green/Cream

I really like the light green, and i really like the Radience red too.

11-09-05, 06:22 PM
That Alfa recalls the Edsel to me. I'll still stick with the Maser ! The car has been "out" for 8 months, how could there be bad quality reports on it ? I think something like 150 have been sold.

11-09-05, 06:24 PM
That Alfa recalls the Edsel to me. I'll still stick with the Maser ! The car has been "out" for 8 months, how could there be bad quality reports on it ? I think something like 150 have been sold.

Even if it did have bad quality reports......

Its a Mazza!!!

I know my 83 Bi Turbo was awful, but the days it ran, it was glorious, anything will be imroved over that!

Its a beautiful car Sandy, I like it alot, i prefer my Jags though

11-09-05, 06:26 PM
DUDE!!! red/red all the way!! :)

11-09-05, 06:30 PM
DUDE!!! red/red all the way!! :)

I just dont want the same colour combo as my osn if you get me......


11-09-05, 06:37 PM
Hes getting this:



Jaguar S-Type 4.2 Sport, in Radience Red, with Melbourne 18" wheels, and Perforated leather Sport Two tone seats in Light Sand/Warm Charcoal with Grey Stained Birds Eye Maple and Warm Charcoal interior.

He has selected the following options:

-Xenon Winter Pack III
-Sport Select Pack
-Monaco Split Rim Cast Alloy Wheels
-FULL SIZE Spare wheel
-Sports Seats with Perforated Leather
-Adaptive Cruise Control
-Rear Electric Sunblind
-Jaguar Alpine Premium Sound
-Navigation System
-TV Tuner with Teletext
-Bluetooth Connection

Hes trading the mashed up 545i for it

11-09-05, 06:54 PM
i feel bad for hijacking a Maserati thread :(
make a new Jag thread :D

11-09-05, 06:56 PM
i feel bad for hijacking a Maserati thread :(
make a new Jag thread :D

Well, it is titled, Iltimate Luxury/PErformance......

Doesnt say it sjust abotu the Mazzer :sneaky:

I started one the other day called "the BMW is going"

i didnt mention my SuperV8 plans in it though, just abotu my son getting rid of our mashed up BMW in favour of a 4.2 S-Type Sport :D