View Full Version : Please help! Considering a '94 Deville Concours N'star

Andrew M. Franklin
12-09-03, 07:48 AM
HI. I have the opportunity to buy a 94 Deville Northstar.130,000 miles. Texas car 5 years - remainder in Chicago. The car seems solid but I have no idea on the reputation for longevity/reliability. Is this a time-bomb? Or could this be a good car for the next 5 years? Is there anything I should be afraid of considering a ten year old Cadillac Deville Concours Northstar? A few minor glitches - dashboard warning for air bag service comes on, threw several codes for EGR pintle position, Checksum error, MAP sensor intermittent. Car runs and drives how I would expect an average 130,000 mile car to drive. $3000.00. Thanks! I'm grateful for any comments and suggestions. Sincerely, ANdy.

12-09-03, 09:03 AM
While some will say grab it up for 3 grand heres the truth. That price is doing what it is supposed to-make you wonder about it instead of walk away. While on the surface the body style and the interior, even if the leather(I'm assuming no cloth) is showing wear it looks like a steal because it was a real nice car to begin with. Its whats inside mechanically and the little stuff that might get you. Even if you have a two thousand dollar cushion to throw into it if something breaks it may still need more money. Now what do you have? The car you bought for 3g's you offer up for 4500-5000 to try and recoup some of your money. What do people do? They walk away because its not 3 grand. Even if the maintainance was well done and on time of course its a better bet, but still no gaurantee the first time you floor it the trans won't take a crap. I also depends if your going to pimp around the hood with it or take your family on 250 mile trips every weekend too. I fully trust my 100K mile Seville but on a long distance trip with my wife and 3 kids I use my 2003 GMC Pickup because its much less likely to leave me roadside stranded.