: SRX owner survey

DDS rollin a CTS
11-09-05, 09:30 AM
How do you guys like your SRX? My mom is looking for a new car so after my (good) experience with my CTS, I've been trying to push her towards Cadillac. She currently drives a minivan and wants something larger than my car, but not as big the Escalade. I suggested the SRX, but the reliability ratings dont look very good. Now she's thinking about getting a Toyota. Let me know how you all like the SRX and if you would recommend it to others. Thanks.

11-09-05, 10:55 AM
We have a V8 AWD 04 SRX with a build date of 4/04. Only two issues were the rear winshield washer nozzle and the rattling ultra view, both fixed by the dealer. We like the car and would buy another one. Our previous 2002 Honda Odyssey was in the shop 12 times in the first year of ownership and was a rolling piece of citrus. You can get a bad car from any manufacturer....

11-09-05, 01:08 PM
We had an Olds Silhoutte and loved it; a very good feature was the easy removable seats - from 2 people to 7 in 5 minutes. We were not happy to see Olds out of business, so we looked at (& drove) GMCs, Buicks, Toyotas, Fords, Dodges, Chryslers, Nissans, Hondas, Lexus, Mercedes, and SRXs at a sponsored test drive in a aircraft runway, off-road, and on-road. We concluded after our test & evaluation that the SRX was our choice; we believe that for our typical use, the SRX was the best fit, and we remain so.
Our SRX is V8, RWD, no NAV, 5 seater; our only problem was the "Radio/ DIC" problem and our dealer replaced the defective one immediately. The V8 gets ~ 12 - 14 MPG in city (vs 14 - 16 Olds) and ~ 19 - 20 MPG freeway (vs ~20 - 22 Olds)

11-09-05, 04:01 PM
I don't know if the SRX is much bigger than a minivan. If anything, it seems a little smaller in terms of interior space.

That said, we love ours. The only complaint has been gas mileage of our V8 -- 14-15 mpg with our driving, after 6K miles.

11-14-05, 11:56 AM
I love my 2004 V8 RWD SRX. I receive many compliments from anyone who rides or drives my car. The performance and comfort make it a pleasure to drive. Gas mileage does run low because it performs so well you can't stop pushing it.

11-14-05, 01:14 PM
Many of the issues people have had with the SRX have been dealer related. If the dealer you purchased your CTS from has good sales and service departments, your mother should not have any problems.