: Diesel in 02-06 EXT?

11-08-05, 02:14 PM
how hard would it be to put a diesel in an EXT 02-06?

Fast Eddie
11-08-05, 03:52 PM
It is a very extensive operation probably at a cost of $10k or more if you are paying to have it done. At that point, why bother...

11-08-05, 03:56 PM
no one that i know of has put a diesel in a NBS 1/2 ton. theres a place or two that does that coversions on 3/4 ton suburbans because they have the extra frame and powertrain strength, plus they have the extra room under the hood.

11-08-05, 05:20 PM
no... bad idea... don't do it... forget you asked... ok...

Fast Eddie
11-09-05, 11:22 AM
The problem with 1500 comes to the tranny tunnel. The Allison tranny won't fit w/o a body lift (a large one at that). In order to do it you need to go with a 4l80, which is obviously a lesser tranny ( a good one all in all, but not against the allison). The frame is also not strong enough, nor the suspension components. The conversions I have seen come from a crashed 2500 duramax truck where they take the whole chassis and roll it under a burb or avalanche.