View Full Version : Question about aftermarket shift knobs

11-08-05, 01:00 AM
For those who have replaced their shift knobs I have two questions. First, how do you take the shift boot off of the stock knob? Second, how do the knucklehead valet and car wash guys know your shift pattern (and where reverse is) without it marked on the shift knob?

Lindsay Cadillac
11-08-05, 06:39 AM
Once you have the shift knob off the shifter stalk it's not too bad. Although getting the knob off the stalk can be a challenge sometimes. Turn over the knob/boot assembly and you'll see a round plastic ring that has two plastic clips on the inside of the ring. Gently pry these two clips toward the center of the opening that the shifter stalk goes in and the retaining ring will come off. You can then remove the shifter boot from the knob, just reverse for installation.
If you are going to change the boot you are going to need some help to seat the retaining ring. When we changed the boot on CVP33's V this past weekend we had to use a vise and some blocks of wood to press down the retaining ring around the new leather.
Chances are that anyone that doesn't a) drive a V on a regular basis or b) own a V is not going to know the shift pattern... They'll just have to experiment, which could be fun for them and bad for you...

11-08-05, 12:02 PM
:bigroll: If you're going to install an aftermarker shift knob without a shift pattern marked on the knob, print out the attached, laminate on heavy duty paper and paste it on the dash for those rare occasions when you let someone else drive your car....
just my humble suggestion. :rolleyes: