: "no battery charge"

12-08-03, 01:41 PM
I got this message twice today. Each time to make it go away while driving, I slap the car in to neutral, shut it off then start it right back up. It came back after I did it the first time, the second time it stayed away. The battery gauge on the DIC was readding 13.2 volts and 14.3 volts. The alternator was replaced with a remanufactued alternator back in july. Is it on its way out again? I dont feel like gong through the replacement again. Or is it something else?

I need to make sure it stays fixed. Im trying to sell my eldo to get back in a RWD car.

12-08-03, 05:17 PM
Did you replace the battery with the alternator....?? A sure fire way to kill an alternator is to have a weak battery!

12-09-03, 12:29 AM
Where did you get the alternator? Stop there and have it tested. If they can't do it go to Autozone or Checker or somewhere like that and they can test it in the car.

12-09-03, 11:27 AM
I got the alternator at autozone. I didnt think they could check an alternator still in the car. What do the do to test it? hook up a mutli-meter and say "yep, 13.5 volts... you are good." Or do they test other things in it?

Bt since yesterday i havent had problems... all day ive been watching it like a hawk and its running bwteen 13.2 and 14.2 volts.

the battery was replaced about 2 months prior to the alternator.

12-09-03, 11:52 AM
Something like that. You could test with a meter if you've got one. If the battery is 13.0 engine off it should go higher running. I think 14.2 range.
A possibility is a diode being bad. Test the voltage with lights and A/C on.

Here's a link to an interesting page from someone who had a strange alternator problem: http://www.misterfixit.com/baddiode.htm

12-09-03, 03:32 PM
They have a big machine on a cart they use.... I used it to have my battery tested....

Its free, might as well see what they say.......

12-09-03, 03:58 PM
Its a huge resistor, and an ammeter basically.....