: Carbon Deposit cleaning TEC

11-04-05, 10:42 PM
My caddy has about 75,000 miles on it i occasianally floor it and beat on it so to speak. I was readint that the northstar engines have problems with carbon deposits in the combustion chamber causing a "cold knock". I have heard you should use TEC by general motors (http://www.cadillacforums.com/forums/showthread.php?p=499398#) to get rid of them, put it in the pcv valve let it soak overnight and floor it all out. it sounds like a good idea but i dont want to change the spark plugs (http://www.cadillacforums.com/forums/showthread.php?p=499398#) again. i also heard that if you just drive it hard a couple of times this will get rid of the deposits just fine too. what should i do. has any one used this product how does it work.

11-04-05, 10:49 PM
An occassional WOT treatment is all you need in all but the absolute worst cases. Watch your 6 when you do a WOT. If you don't see any black smoke (carbon), your clean. Are you experiencing any cold carbon rap?

BTW, be carefull withthat stuff. If you apply it wrong, you can hydrolock the engine.

11-05-05, 09:09 AM
That "Top Engine Cleaner" is supposed to be vacuumed out after it's allowed to soak. If you start the car without vacuuming it out, your gonna have a few bent rods.

11-05-05, 11:16 AM
Read here:


It works GREAT. I checked the plugs before and after a treatment, and there was just a little crusty black left on the base. Everything else was cleaned pretty well. Follow the directions in the thread above. When you pour the cleaner in (slowly) nothing will happen because the cleaner will pool at the bottom of your intake. When you raise the RPMs to 2000 ( NO MORE! ) it will start sucking in the cleaner. Shut it off when you see the smoke, leave it overnight, and start it up the next day, raise to 2000 until you don't see anymore smoke... carbon gone.

IMHO, this works about 60x better than a WOT run.

11-06-05, 10:28 PM
danbuck said that i need to vacume the shit out of the car before i start it but the directions say just floor it and it will get rid of it all witch way is right i dont want to do any damage to my engine i am trying to prevent damage not cause it

11-06-05, 10:56 PM
Don't listen to danbuc, and don't floor it. The instructions above are those given to the dealers' techs. Don't follow them, and you're on your own when it explodes. :bigroll: