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11-04-05, 03:18 PM

This is tried and true
The only time you stop learning is when you die
And last I checked I am still breathing


I have been a DIY wrencher for many of years. And the Tech books will always guide you right but never tell you the things that only EXP. can teach you. This is why forums like this are GOD.

Any one can learn from a book, but its the hands on that will always be your best teacher. Just look at 99.9% of the repair shops that hire straight from school. Take a student that learned from a book only and put them next to someone that learned Hands on. Who will be the better wrencher? The hands on every single time.

Now if we could get past the GREED and have all the manuals online for no cost for anyone to view and/or download we all could say we are book readers, but it would greatly aid in any DIY wrencher to find some simple answers and/or wire diagrams without paying an arm and a leg for it. (but I know I am a dreamer on this one)

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:welcome:to the forums.

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Thanks for joining us.