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11-04-05, 03:27 AM
www.cardomain.com/id/adam_mcd (http://www.cardomain.com/id/adam_mcd) <--if you havent seen it yet

Yes, after a year of trusty service, vast memories, and the chance to have a cadillac, I'm selling the Cadillac for 1500 dollars to my older brother beacuse his 1974 ltd is on its last legs. Please dont worry, this doesnt mean the end of my pimp sled days.

its just that the 1979 cadillac was a funky year of cadillac. it was the first year of downsizing done to cadillac by GM because of the gas crisis back in the 70's. other GMs were being downsized during the 70's but GM made sure cadillac was still the boat we know today, hence waiting until 1979 to downsize cadillac. putting the time and effort to restore a 1979 cadillac would be pointless to me. it wouldnt even be worth that much money even if i did. its sad because the car is runnning the smoothest and quietest ever since ive had it. it just keeps on getting better and better with time.

now what brouight upon me selling it? ****ing gas crisis 2.0. im going 35 miles every day for the next 2 years and i worry with 165k that it wouldnt last another 50k, let alone the 15 mpg i get. (looking at a 1998 lincoln continental or 94+ integra gs-r, now. i have 5-6k to spend.)

yes i have many memories, such as turning down whores from sex in the back seat because the back seats in perfect condition, and sweat dirties up leather something awful (one thought i was gay afterwards..that whore), or running out of gas on 410 because my gas gauge wasnt working at the time, or the 7 hours i spent one evening restoring the paint you see now. or what about hauling 7 kids in the inside, and 2 in the trunk to the theatre and pulling up to the front of regal, opening the trunk and doors, like a ****ing hoopty limo, or some hot boy in his civic pulls up thinkin hes gonna race some clunker, wrong again bitch: 425 cubic inches and 400 pounds of torque of pure american muscle; but i have just painfully stopped loving my car. id love a 1975 cadillac or a lincoln mark V, but hey whats a boy to do.

bought it for 1000, put 1000 into it, had 50k worth of fun and luxo ride. so i say im getting my moneys worth.

i mean this - cadillacforums.com has to be one of the main reason why my cadillac runs so smooth and looks so good. its really hard to have you question go unanswered here, and i had a shitload of questions about restoring my beast; and i would like to thank you all for that. hell even the auto discussions whipped up in here make a lick of sense (try gettin that at any honda/vw forum). ill still stop by and rabble, and help others with their boats, but as my friend said "it just wont be the same without you in the caddy". thanks for the timelessness, cadillac, thanks.

11-04-05, 05:42 AM
I'd say you got your money's worth.

Oh, the first year of downsizing was 77 not 79.

You still never had to put premium in it.

yes i have many memories, such as turning down whores from sex in the back seat because the back seats in perfect condition, and sweat dirties up leather something awful (one thought i was gay afterwards..that whore)[/I]

Sweat will wipe off leather with a bit of cleaner no problem. Ask me how I know :D Now if it was velour like my old 78 it'd be a different story (again, ask me how I know.)

Anyway, I'd really reccomend a Seville over a Continental (unless you have a specific car you want to buy.) If you want a performance coupe look at the Mark VIIIs if you want mods, ETC if you don't.

11-04-05, 09:01 AM
Beautiful car, sorry to hear you're selling it.

Goes without saying you shoukld be getting the Lincoln and not the Integra (I mean, come on, Integra!? Seriously!?)

Night Wolf
11-04-05, 09:42 AM

one less '79er :(

I can see what you mean about gas though.... it would get old fast.

Of course I would tell you otherwise.... to keep it... but ah well... I know if the chance came and I was offered what I would take, the '79 would be sold.... it wasn't the first year of downsizing, but it is kind of a stepping stone between the early 70's and the 80's as far as style and drivetrain....

well, lots of luck! feel free to stick around, hell tell your brother to come here :)

honestly, with the 425, TH400 and the 10-bolt, 8.5" rear end..... 165k isn't all that many miles if you take care of it, and I would trust it to go on for much longer too....

I am just now looking at the pictures and damn! that is in such nice shape.

11-04-05, 10:39 AM
The 425's have gone over 600k miles, and you're worried about 165k????

Very nice car, you better make sure your brother takes care of it!