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11-02-05, 09:40 PM
I just bought my 2000 Escalade...actually, I bought it about a week ago, but it has been at the dealership getting straightened out since then. They gave me a 2005 Escalade as a loaner while it was getting fixed...talk about being spoiled! Anyway, I have a few questions. My owner's manual says I have automatic headlights, but they don't come on at night. Where the photocell that operates them, and am I just doing something stupid? Also, I don't have any headlight delay at all when I turn the truck off...maybe related? I tried adjusting the little button in the mirror, but it didn't do anything. Also, on the 2005 Escalade, there was an additional button next to Onstar that I could push to make a normal cell phone call. Is there a way I can do this in my 2000? Thanks for the help guys...

11-02-05, 10:39 PM
Sounds like you have an electrical problem. I had a denali that year and it was an electrical nightmare. Headlights on your ride are DRL's, day time running. They dont automatically turn on at night, they should be always on.

Not sure about the rest.

11-02-05, 11:36 PM
the dash lights should come on automatically, and yes, there is a button you need to push on the mirror to make stuff work. It's all in the owners manual, take a look at the manual and follow that before you go assuming you have electrical problems.

Daryl in KY
11-03-05, 10:00 AM
Congrats on being a '00 owner.

Sorry, can't use OnStar on the older body style for cell phone. I think that started in '02 or '03.

I never touch my headlights. The come on automatically at dusk. Someone may have changed the default settings if that is possible. Check the owner's manual or ask the dealer. If there's something wrong they may fix it. I think that the headlight delay when shutting the vehicle off is adjustable. I bet someone has messed with the settings.

11-03-05, 10:14 AM
There was a thread here a while back outlining the process of disabling the features with the headlights you mentioned. Maybe you could give it a read and see if any of those wires have been messed with.

11-03-05, 10:23 AM
I have a 2000. The lights are on from the time I turn the engine on :hmm: Well welcome to the club. I hope every thiing goes well for you. I love my Mr. Lucky :)
Peace Xrayqueen :yup:

11-03-05, 10:41 AM
take a look at the manual and follow that before you go assuming you have electrical problems.100% electrical problem. Its a 2000 model, they were not designed to turn on at night like the later model. They have DRL's

11-03-05, 11:04 AM
you guys that have the 2000, what rpm's are you running at seventy miles per hour. My tach is showing 2100 rpm's, and maybe i'm just getting paranoid, but i could have sworn i say something lower like 1800 or something. Stock wheels btw. at 65mph it's about 1900-2000

Daryl in KY
11-03-05, 01:34 PM
2100 rpm is about right for 70mph. You have to keep it below 6500 to get under 2000 rpm.

And don't listen to the guy trying to tell you that your lights aren't automatic. They are supposed to be on all the time. Daylight running lights during the day and full headlights once it gets dark enough. I never touch a light switch. In fact I've become so spoiled that I forget to turn the lights on in my other cars, and then when I do I have to remember to shut them off.

11-03-05, 01:59 PM
thanks for the response about the tach speed

as far as the headlights, mine do just that, i wasn't the one with the problem. I think the problem the other guy has is that they are not on unless he turns on the headlight switch, personally, i never touch the switch either, in the manual, it states that headlights are not at full brightness unless your turn on the headlights, i never watched the headlights to see if it actually changes bulbs or not.

11-03-05, 10:22 PM
I have a 2000, and the headlights are automatic. Look in the owners manual for setting the delay, it's all in there. Also, someone else mentioned something about them maybe being disabled. Look at the sensor (on the inside of the windshield, under the mirror) and see if any wires have been pulled off. Do the DRL's work...they should come on as soon as you start her up. If they don't, then you can assume the relay under the dash (by the radio) has also been unplugged. Good luck. Try the link below.


11-03-05, 11:11 PM
99-00's are automatic. A previous owner may have disabled the feature-due to the DRL's. Do your DRL's work? I just skimmed the thread and you may have answered that question already. There used to be a member who was an expert on auto headlamps and DRL's- I hope he is still around. If your truck is still in warranty- let the dealer address the problem- if not, I would like to scope it out for ya.

11-04-05, 12:03 AM
Definitions: for xrayq and the like
DRL= Daytime Running Lights- Headlights illuminate at a reduced brightness(maximizing longevity) during the day to make your vehicle more visible to oncoming cars during dawn and duck hours- the parking lamp circuits (tailights-etc.) are off when DRL's are on. The only way these can be defeated without mods is to depress the parking brake.
Automatic Headlamps- at dusk, all lamps are activated by a photocell in the dash. This can be also defeated by depressing the parking brake plus cycling the ignition off and back on.
Queen, do you get my drift?
I take a special interest in fellow obs owners. If you don't mind, ill, 1. could you let us know how many miles are on your lac., 2. what color is it? 3. Warranty?, rims etc. I have logged 100K+ and would like more info. Plus, give a heads up on what to watch out for-this could apply to you because I drive it like I stole it and have the insurance bill to prove it! Peace!

11-04-05, 05:06 AM
The warranty is LONG dead and gone on this truck.. To answer a few of your questions, it is a black 2000, with 117,000 miles. I just had it at the dealership and got new injectors, plugs, wires, rotor, dist cap, and PCM. It runs great now. My DRLs work great, but nothing at all from the auto headlamps. I hope it is something as simple as not being anabled...also, my little alarm in the console flashes when any door is open. Normal? Something to worry about? Thanks for all the help guys!

Daryl in KY
11-04-05, 10:39 AM
Hi Matt,

On mine the little red light flashes when any door is open. It keeps me from starting away when a back door isn't shut.

I hope you get your lights working. My wife's VW has DLR's but it doesn'r automatically turn the lights on at dusk. I sure wish it did, the lade has me spoiled.

For Skides,

My 2000 has about 63,000 on it. The rear end was replaced at about 47,000, it had developed a whine. I also had to replace a CVJ on drivers side at about 58,000. The boot failed and it started popping when the steering was turned. So far the other side has been fine. I replaced plugs at about 55,000 and have replaced the front brake pads. For a while I had some Bremco cross drilled rotors on the front. They developed heat cracks from the cross drilled holes and the shop wouldn't work on the brakes with that condition. So I am back to plain rotors and EBC pads.

11-04-05, 11:08 AM
I've only had my truck now for about 3 months. I posted awhile back about a goofy noise i was getting. You guys that have the 2000, try this and see what results you get so i can compare. Get in the truck with the radio off and door shut, so no dingers are going off, when you turn the key to a forward, but not started position, do you hear a sound like the wind blowing or a pump running from in front of the dash. Also, when you put the key back to off position, will you hear it for a couple more seconds. I have this, and have figured out that it is 100 % tied to the fuel pump running. Pump runs when the key is forward for a couple of seconds, and also turning the key back off. It almost sounds like fuel pressure or the sound of gas flowing on top of the intake. The sound can also be heard and it almost sounds like static from the radio at idle with engine running. When i turn the key off, you hear it run for a couple of seconds then quits. They dealer said he knew what i was talkin about, but he didn't listen to it, and says it's normal. It think it's pretty loud, like i said, sounds like you have a crappy station on with the volume up a little bit. Try it, let me know what you guys get. thanks.

Daryl in KY
11-04-05, 11:50 AM

The fan for the air system will come on as soon as the key is turned on. GM started doing this years ago to circulate air in the cabin to keep people from CO2ing themselves. If something, like a leaf or a whirrlybird, has worked its way into the fan housing you can get a fairly loud noise when the fan comes on. Don't know if this is what you have, but it has happened to me.

11-04-05, 01:09 PM
Nope, definetly not the fan, like i said, it is directly tied to the fuel pump turnin on and off with the key. :hmm:

Daryl in KY
11-04-05, 02:06 PM
Do you know when the fuel filter was last replaced? I don't know if a filter that needs to be replaced would make the pump work harder & louder. I may be out in left field.:cookoo:

11-04-05, 03:37 PM
Don't know if it is related or not, but i will probably end up replacing it just for safe keeping. Truck has 59000miles on it.

11-05-05, 09:17 PM
With my doors closed I hear nothing but a few relays clicking on and off under the dash. Is the sound loud? Wierd with a capital W. If I were you I would go to another dealer and describe your problem as being new and disturbing. I have had good luck doing this. You could also pop your hood, sit on the radiator with a good set of tools, and start diagnosing it yourself.

11-06-05, 07:50 PM
Don't know if it is related or not, but i will probably end up replacing it just for safe keeping. Truck has 59000miles on it.

I tried mine today...turned everything off in the truck and BARELY heard the fuel pump...mine has 55,000 on it.