: Favorite beer

11-01-05, 01:44 PM
This may have been done, but anyway...

Mine Are:

1. New River Pale Ale
2. Michelob Amber Bock
3. Murphys Irish Stout

11-01-05, 02:25 PM
1. Yellowstone Valley Brew's Grizzly Wulff Wheat (hard to find, though)
2. Michelob's Honey Lager

11-01-05, 02:32 PM
Corona :alchi:

11-01-05, 02:57 PM
Guinness! (http://www.guinness.com)
Where the bubbles flow downward!

11-01-05, 03:01 PM
Depending on my mood and need:

1. Negra Modelo
2. Bohemia
3. Skunky Heineken
4. Samuel Smith Imperial Stout
5. Whatever's cold in the fridge
6. Whatever's in the house, cold or not

11-01-05, 03:18 PM
Rolling Rock

11-01-05, 03:20 PM
Becks Dark
Pilsner Urquell

11-01-05, 03:50 PM
Another Pale, from a REAL small place in Oroville, CA.
Downtown Brown, from Eureka, I believe, as is Great White, from the same company.
Negra Modela is a good mexican beer.
Sierra Nevadas Bigfoot...the rest of their beer is CRAP, but this stuff is great!
Butte Creek Brewing Co.'s Creekside Wheat or their Winter Ale, a wonderful brown.
Coors Original if I'm going cheap.
Hell...I've had so many little tiny dinky ass beers from around northern california and southern oregon I can't remember half of them. San Louis Obispo (SLO) Brewing has a great Russian Imperial, River City Brewing Company in Sacramento has a wonderful barleywine style, Battleaxe, and their pilsner is a great salad beer. I wish I could find a good Russian Imperial in a bottle..had many fresh from the tap, but none compare to that when bottled. Henry Weinhardts Hefeweizen is good, if you can find it bottled, for being a cheap beer...Pyramid Hefe is NOT good, I don't think, although Widmer Bros., the standard restaurant hefe, is decent, though not great. Guiness is garbage, Corona is cat pee, coors light is gutter trash and pale ale's are disgusting...with the exception of my first contribution on this here list. :D

11-01-05, 03:50 PM

11-01-05, 04:02 PM
On the rare occasion I drink beer...

1. Sam Adams Cherry Wheat
2. Fosters
3. Something on tap that is not made by Anheuser-Busch

11-01-05, 04:29 PM
killian's irish red

11-01-05, 05:00 PM
Ha! Killians is actually really good stuff...made by Coors Brewing, which no one really knows, but its good stuff!

11-01-05, 06:01 PM
Bud Lite or Miller Lite. I'm not fancy, just a good ol' American beer will do the duty :D!

11-01-05, 06:10 PM
but light beers? ugh! Good 'ol american beer is barleywine or a hearty porter or stout, served at around 70 degrees...of course, that was good 'ol american beer a few hundred years ago, but oh well :)

11-01-05, 06:28 PM
Me, I'm not pickey when it comes to beer. As long as it has alcohol in it, I'm good. None of that O'Douls crap, Yuk.

Hey look, this is my 800th post. Haha. :D :bouncy:

11-01-05, 07:13 PM
The only beer I've found that disagrees with me is the red beers.

I like Sam Adams, Dos Equis, Miller Lite, Fat Tire, Boulevard Wheat....I could go on. As long as it's not red beer I'm cool.

11-01-05, 07:53 PM
1. shiner bock
2. tecate
3. negro modelo
(i dig mexican beers, XX is my least fave)
4. Guinness

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11-01-05, 08:01 PM
Come on how could you no mention Lowenbra, Red Strip, Guinnes Stout and the other MGD, Michelobe Goldin Draft. All very good beer depending on your taste that day.

11-01-05, 10:07 PM
Great Western Honey Lager!

11-01-05, 10:10 PM
I'm with Sandy. Make mine a Rolling Rock.

DopeStar 156
11-01-05, 10:52 PM
Corona :alchi:
Whaaaaaaaaaaaaa?! Nooooooonononono. To me that crap tastes like watered down sandy water. Dos Equis is much better "cervesa" However my favorite is good ol' Budweiser. :cool2:

11-01-05, 11:20 PM
Miller Lite

11-01-05, 11:24 PM
Kokanee - From Vancouver BC
Boulevard Pale Ale - From Kansas City
Killians Irish Red
O'Fallon Wheach - From St Louis

I hate Bud. Anheuser-Busch sponsors everything in the St Louis area, from hospitals to sports teams to an entire building at my university, so I encourage you all to keep buying it. I can only stand Bud Select, because its the best out of the crap available at concerts and baseball games.

11-01-05, 11:38 PM
to an entire building at my university:histeric:
And I thought that they didn't support underage drinking...

Oh well, bottoms up:cheers: :cheers:

11-01-05, 11:42 PM
I just can't beleive no one has brought up the good old HIGH LIFE. champagne in a beer bottle. best stuff ever made

11-01-05, 11:45 PM
Blue Ribbon Beer, back in my high school days, THIS was the stuff to have. Accually I think I have a can or two in the fridge.

That High Life was great too!

11-01-05, 11:48 PM
grew up on it. we actually have a bar called the high life lounge here. its all decked out with old 70's stuff, right down ot the tvs they have.

DopeStar 156
11-02-05, 12:27 AM
Haha the cheap shit. Pabst Blue Ribbon. Goes down rough.

11-02-05, 05:46 AM
Haha the cheap shit. Pabst Blue Ribbon. Goes down rough.

Thinking of Pabst Blue Ribbon reminds me of an old beer called Hamm's. Talk about going down rough....I think they call it Hamm's because it has chunks of ham floating in it and you have to chew before you can swallow! :thepan: :cheers:

11-02-05, 05:53 AM
I like any dark beer that's not too bitter. Anyone else remember those hillarious "BITTER BEER FACE!" commercials? Yeah that's me.

Usually I get whatever I can mooch off my friends.

I just can't beleive no one has brought up the good old HIGH LIFE. champagne in a beer bottle. best stuff ever made

Ah yes, forties of High Life for $1.89. How could I lose?

Bud Lite or Miller Lite. I'm not fancy, just a good ol' American beer will do the duty :D!

Yeah I agree they'll definately do the duty.

11-02-05, 08:36 AM
WHen I was in high school we used to say; "When you're out of Bud, tough Schlitz!". Fortunately my palete has improved.

11-02-05, 08:40 AM
Forgot my all time favorite, "can we just hurry up and get drunk" beer... Mickey's Fine Malt Liquor.

11-02-05, 01:35 PM
Beer commercials. Budweiser is my favorite - commercial that is.

Hahn Lite (http://allowe.cillix.nl/Humor/video/HahnLite,Bounce.mpg)

Heinekin (http://allowe.cillix.nl/Humor/video/Heinekin,Golf.mpg)

Molson (http://allowe.cillix.nl/Humor/video/Molson,IAmCanadian.mpg)

BierBitsch (http://allowe.cillix.nl/Humor/video/BierBitsch.wmv)

Tooheys (http://allowe.cillix.nl/Humor/video/Tooheys,Beer.wmv)

Bud Lite (http://allowe.cillix.nl/Humor/video/BudLight,BeerSpray.mpg)

More Bud (http://allowe.cillix.nl/Humor/video/Budweiser,WhyDogsShouldRideInTheBackSeat.wmv)

Eichhof (http://allowe.cillix.nl/Humor/video/Eichhof,Hippo.mpg)

11-02-05, 02:07 PM
Only beer found in my 'fridge is Sam Adams Pale Ale.

11-02-05, 03:42 PM
Well there still Oldstyle, the first water sold in a can. Weak sh_t. You had to drink a dozen to get a buzz and you didn't know it because you were too busy pissin.

11-02-05, 04:00 PM
1) Guiness (FROM TAP ONLY)
2) New Castle Brown Ale
3) Corona
4)Lowenbrau (sp?)
5) Coors
6) Old Milwakke (when im fishing and white trashin it up in the boat)

11-02-05, 05:43 PM
I'm drinking the New River Pale Ale (it was on sale!!!) and listening to the Stones!! Party-on!!!

11-02-05, 07:15 PM