: hello

10-31-05, 11:25 PM
new guy here about 1 week ,Name is Rick from Boston mass , maybe you could tell from my accent ,[LOL] , Just bought 2006 CTS sport 5spd auto ,moon roof ,I call it Silver ,So far I love it , I am a big guy and I find her comfortable ,I drive about 200-250 a week on average so i am looking forward toward the savings on gas ,I am 42 and use to be in the car business [sales] I have driven and owned a lot of cars from Chevy's , fords , hondas ,Lexus , almost everything and I have to say this CTS is very impressive ,,So I feel I will be hanging around for awhile , hope to meet some of you in the forums ,,
thanks Rick

11-01-05, 02:24 PM
:welcome: to the forums. Congrats on your new car. Post some pics soon.

11-01-05, 02:30 PM
Welcome to the forums.

11-01-05, 02:45 PM

I'm sure al your auto experience would be welcomed here.

11-01-05, 05:15 PM
thanks guys and gals

11-10-05, 08:38 PM
Welcome Rick!

...Wicked nice of ya ta join! Congrats on the CTS! There is a nice gathering at Lars Anderson Auto Musem, Brookline usually in May long way off I know. Thanks for joining the forum!