: Just wanted to say hello...

11-02-03, 09:44 PM
Hey just wanted to say hello!I am a new member and not exactly a Caddy owner yet.I own a 1995 Lincoln Mark VIII with a gaggle of go fast goodies,The air ride is starting to give and with 150k miles it is time to trade .I hate parting with her but you know how it is!,Anyway I am considering a 1999-2001 STS Black of course!The Lincoln LS' don't look as sharp as them so I am going with The Caddy! I am hoping to find plenty of info here to make the Transition from a FOMOCO car to GM a easy !Any info will be appreciated and Could you guys direct me in the right direction for any Mods that can be done?BTW I will miss the "Cobra" DOHC and RWD of the Mark,but I think I will enjoy the new experience.
So hello to all and I look forward to posting here!