: Katech project SS goes 12.70 @ 114

10-31-05, 09:52 AM
We took the SS to the track to get a baseline run with the mods it has now
LS6 intake
SLP headers
SLP exhaust
SLP intake lid
It has traction problems, wheel hop and suspension problems to be sorted out. Also it's running very rich and needs to be tuned better. It made 368hp to the rear wheels.
On another interesting note, it had a IAT resistor in it. We took that out and made 8hp! Those things are a joke.

11-01-05, 06:43 AM
Not bad. I'm impressed with how well the LS1 responds to just bolt-ons. And yeah those IAT resistors are useless lol.

11-01-05, 03:28 PM
Here's the dyno vid
click here (http://www.katechengines.com/street_performance/videos/1029Dyno_Run.AVI)