View Full Version : Deville Northtar engine swap and PCM problems

08-06-14, 02:48 PM
ok so I have a guy put a engine in my 1997 deville after he puts the engine in the car runs real bad so I take it to a different shop
and the tell me he put a 9 engine in a y car and that the engine is off time and that it is running of the timing of the old computer and
that my car would never run right.ok so my question is that if I get a 9 computer and put it in my car will it run better?

08-06-14, 02:55 PM
The PCM (Powertrain Control Module - a lot more than a "computer") is programmed for YOUR car and YOUR VIN + engine type. Dealer programming necessary.

Let's move this from Deville to the Engines; Northstar forum.

08-06-14, 03:00 PM
IIRC only difference is the cams between the motors. Doubt it would run that bad either. Pull codes to see what comes up. Sounds like 1st guy dorked something up, maybe left a sensor unplugged.
And no don't change the PCM.

08-07-14, 04:45 PM
I went to the dealer he said that he could not program the car because the vins are different

08-08-14, 10:55 AM
Call around to your local shops, ask if they have a Tech II, they can program it for you.
My local shop has one, they did some programming for me, VINs don't prevent you from programming, in fact you can change the VIN while programming. Must be some sort of policy at that shop.

08-09-14, 02:08 PM
Websters garage. They'll do it along with a tune

08-09-14, 02:50 PM
Wester's Garage, Canada, and you need to know what you want done - it's not a generic "tune".

and, no, they do not do the 2000 - 2003 Northstar PCM. Look at their price list - "Coming soon" (since 2008).