: Volant CAI instructions

10-30-05, 07:43 PM
Installed the Volant yesterday. Wrote up some instructions and will see if I can get them posted on the FAQ. (Reed, you out there?) Hope they're of some use.

The big controversy so far is the one gasket issue. I used mine between the airhorn (Volant calls it "Filter Box adapter") and the inside box wall. The MAS, which is on the outside, mated-up pretty flat to the box. You may decide otherwise. Overall the fit and quality of the Volant components is excellent. Funny thing, the exhaust note (running Corsa) got a semi-tone deeper running the CAI, which is fine by me. And definitely a bit more noise in the cockpit now, but not intrusive... it's the good kind! And performance has improved. Can't offer any science and numbers on that, strictly by feel here, but throttle response is quicker. In the meantime, while instructions are posted, here are some pics.

10-31-05, 02:02 AM
Give me some time and i will post them.. I need to install mine too...but first, it goes to the dealer.


10-31-05, 07:01 AM
Posting these instructions is a great idea for those who have not yet installed the Volant. All Volant supplies is a drawing of the parts, sort of in an exploded view (but not really) with the word, "Instructions" written on the top. Thanks calicadi, this is just what's needed. :)