: Cadillac, Chevrolet, Hummer And Saab Continue Global Growth

10-29-05, 06:58 PM

"DETROIT - General Motors reported calendar year-to-date sales (January - September) of 7,066,774 vehicles around the world - a 3.7 percent increase over 2004, led by significant gains in sales for its three luxury and premium brands Cadillac (up 9.6 percent), HUMMER (up 84.1 percent) and Saab (up 1.4 percent), as well as its foundation brand, Chevrolet (up 7.3 percent)."

"GM's Cadillac luxury brand experienced a significant sales boost in the Asia-Pacific markets (up 160 percent). The mid-size Cadillac CTS sedan led the pack with significant sales gains in this region. "The Chinese market could eventually represent up to 20 percent of Cadillac's global volume and become the Cadillac brand's second-largest after the U.S.," said Middlebrook."

10-29-05, 09:32 PM
HUMMER (up 84.1 percent)

This must be a typo...right? I guess it you have, flaunt it!

10-29-05, 10:38 PM
This must be a typo...right? I guess it you have, flaunt it!

Might be because of the addition of the H3 to line-up. That's a big volume vehicle.

10-30-05, 05:22 AM
The H3 is an MY06 vehicle isn't it? Seems like that wouldn't make any real impact in sales between those dates. I'm scratching my head about that 84.1%...

10-30-05, 01:29 PM
Well lots of people buy Hummers. Remember, they are a low volume vehicle, and this is GLOBAL sales, so we need to remember there are people in the Middle East, Australia, South America, etc. who buy Hummers...