: Happy Birthday to me!!!

10-29-05, 05:13 PM
So my wife said she would buy me headers for my birthday. :thumbsup: That was about 3 weeks ago. So immediately I called B&B and placed the order. Today is my birthday and wouldn't you know it, Federal Express just pulled into my driveway. :woohoo: Couldn't have timed it any better. Now all I need is my car back from the dealership with the new rear end and I will be all set. :banghead:

Here are a couple of pictures:

Notice the snow outside.

10-29-05, 06:11 PM
I can hear it now, "William this is a high flow cat, and all this beautiful stainless steel together is going to make Daddy's car faster and sound incredible." :worship:
You are doing it right my friend start them when they are young.. Another gearhead in the making..

Happy Birthday my friend, from all of us at the HDMLNIUM house...:crowded: :yup:

Oh, I almost forgot, you old Bastard, you are almost the big 40.:2thumbs: Have a great day...:cheers:

Bill, and family..

10-29-05, 06:13 PM

10-29-05, 06:19 PM
Goodness, I hope I can stop now at 32. You 38 and 39 year olds are frightening.:hide:

10-29-05, 06:42 PM
happy birthday Dan. Let us know your impressions.

10-29-05, 06:42 PM
You're a lucky man. My wife stopped giving me headers long ago. :highfive:

10-29-05, 06:55 PM
OK, now....which one is Dan?


10-30-05, 02:03 PM
My wife stopped giving me headers long ago.
hah, that's funny...:yup: wish i got headers too. :crybaby: guess I'll have to just settle for a faster intake - LOL :histeric: :histeric:

10-30-05, 06:38 PM
I thought the headers were a good birthday present. But check this out!

:woohoo: :woohoo: :woohoo:

10-30-05, 06:41 PM
OMG DAN'S PREGNANT! :thumbsup:

10-30-05, 09:40 PM
Happy Birthday DansCTSV and Congrats on becoming a 2nd time papa. CPV33 you are hilarious.
Well I guess good things do come in 3s. b-day, headers, and new baby. Triple threat.

10-30-05, 10:51 PM
Happy Birthday Dan!:cheers:

Hope you get your car back soon. ;)

10-31-05, 01:33 PM
You guys wana come over to Keene and install them on my lift?

10-31-05, 05:34 PM
Happy Birthday!

10-31-05, 06:10 PM
You're a lucky man. My wife stopped giving me headers long ago. :highfive:

ROFLMAO!!!!!!!! oh man that was funny, brought tears to my eyes.

Happy birthday Dan, have a good one and many more!