: What do you like about your Northstar powered vehicle?

08-04-14, 01:27 AM

Today I took my deville out for a lengthy ride.

The car is a highway bruiser.

It does decent around town with it's 3.11 gears ( I prefer driving in 3 versus D while putting around town) but on the highway, I feel my deville shines it's best.

The northstar is plenty powerful pulling this body down the road.

It's not a corvette or viper but for what it's in I can live with it.

It seems have a decent balance between smooth available power and torque.

Once this thing is rolling, she rides so smooth. Even in D, if I just get on the gas a pinch she gets up and goes.

The motor just seems at home at highway speed and I like that about the car......

I don't know if when I get my Eldorado up and running will she be just as enjoyable.

I know carrying around two less doors will be a benefit though...........

08-04-14, 08:52 AM
It's a good-looking, relatively fast, reliable sedan with incredible maneuvering ability and impeccable road manners - it makes the 835 mile Interstate run to a daughter's place in Florida seem like a sleighride, getting 25 mpg on 87 at 75 mph while using not one drop of oil in over 6,500 miles.

Gratuitous, well-used selfie ....................

08-04-14, 04:37 PM
I was driving the my deville at 75 mph, turning just about 2000 rpm with the 3.11's, it was reading 25.7 mpg?

I hadn't even driven it 2 hours...... in one direction

I'm going to take it out again.......the best modification I've done to my car I have to say is the center console swap.

I feel like I'm in a lounge chair rolling down the highway.....

08-05-14, 08:51 PM
I like the way the motor sounds when it shifts at 8000 RPM and breaks the tires loose at 100 MPH


08-06-14, 07:19 AM
Oh, for a stand-alone management system and a clutch/manageable auto ...................

08-08-14, 07:22 AM
The Northstar Soundtrack

08-09-14, 01:23 PM
the thing I like BEST -
is how easy everything is to get to -
there is so much room under the hood -

oh - wait -

02-14-16, 12:17 AM
I love the power and torque they have.

Drove home today with 50-60 mph headwinds. The only way I could tell was by the sound of the wind...and the fuel gauge :rofl: