: Replace 97 Catera THERMOSTAT???

10-28-05, 08:36 PM
Can anyone help with the replacement of the thermostat? I just had my oil cooler changed (hopefully that fixed the oil/water mixing issue) and the tech pointed in the direction of the stat, but it was way under the plenium... Is there an easier way to replace this piece? If not, or if so, can I get some basic directions? thx jc

11-05-05, 01:17 AM
WOW! it's funny that noone knows how to change or where the thermostat is on the 97 Catera. Am I in the right forum?

11-16-05, 02:17 AM
Well I'll answere, only because I just finished putting new heads on my 97 catera. No It's not easy to replace you thermostat. Since it is under your plenum. What I dont understand if your tech pointed you that direction, he was already there when he did the oil cooler. It woudn't have been that much more to replace then.

11-21-05, 07:55 AM
you have to pull a bolt that is on the driver side of the engine follow the radiatorline that point that the line gets to the side of the engine there is a bolt that holds the end of the thermostat extention to the engine so it dosent move dont loose that bolt it is nessisary i found that out my self to get the extention off u need to twist it back and forth it is held on to the thermostat by a rubber o-ring then IM SORRY you need to take off the upper 2 pices of the intake manifold (the plenum and injector runners)then you car access the thermostat.