: Hi Ralph! You're here now...so hello!

10-28-05, 03:11 AM
Just noticed that you're posting like crazy...so I thought I'd say hello...I'm fresh home from Snookers, the local pool hall:shhh: , listening to Hank Jr., and I'm going to bed in a minute, but I wanted to say hi since you're on here RIGHT NOW!

10-28-05, 03:14 AM
LOL, HELLO back!! You're not shy are you??

We have a pub/pool hall called "Snookers" too.

I just posted a 2007 Aviator thread 5 minutes ago, and when I went back to edit something, for some reason it posted the entire thread TWICE! I'm trying to figure that one out......,:helpless:

How's the weather in Cali...

10-28-05, 03:22 AM
Ah, weather is GREAT! it was around 70 or so degrees today, bright and shiney sun...friggin awesome, I loved it! Just wish I didn't have to work double shifts for the next three days so I could enjoy it...really tough decision between the money and the time off...but the money often wins out...about 2/3 for me right now, on average...money is good, the jobs are fun (both beerslinging jobs) and I have lots of time off in summer and in january...Hahaha, Snookers is great here...its walking distance from home, so I can go there and not worry about how I'm getting home...if I need to, I can go and pick up the truck first thing in the morning, after catching a ride or hiking home, whichever it may be...but alas, bed calls, I must sleep, as its been a long, horrible six months for me...talk atcha later, hope tonight goes wondefully for you and you wake up in a great mood, ready to enjoy a wonderful new day in the great white north! G'night to ya for now!

10-28-05, 03:28 AM
It's not "white" just yet thank goodness! Not looking foreward to winter AT ALL! Ice and beautiful cars don't mix! Couldn't have been too bad the last 6 months with weather like that.:D

Night James.

<wait, this isn't a pm??> :p