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10-27-05, 09:15 PM
I own an '03 AWD Escalade. Because San Diego probably has the most inept, corrupt, or ignorant (choose one or all 3) city govenment, we have streets that are reminicent of a 3rd world country. My Diamond white ride is lowered (3-2 I think) with 22's and it looks tight, but I'm I'm sick of my Luxury SUV sounding like I'm driving down a washboard road on the way to San Felipe. My question is: does lowering affect the ride? (I assume it does) I know 22's do. Do you know if they make a bigger sidewall for those wheels? If so do you think they will fit in the wheel wells? Will this solve my problem or will it just look stupid? Is there any other suspension mods that will help stop the shuddering? Help, I almost traded it in for a range rover the other day.

10-27-05, 10:27 PM
Yes the drop also effects the ride quality. As for tires, I have 305-45-22 size and it has a descent size sidewall. The 45's look better than the 40's do IMO. I have no rubbing issues at all, but mine is not drop. What size tires do you have now and do you have any rubbing.

10-27-05, 11:12 PM
Ya I rolled around in a dropped H2 with 24s in LA. I felt like I was in a wagon in the wild west... Dropping changes the ride a lot... Good luck

10-27-05, 11:19 PM
You could replace some parts with the suspension, the ranger rover lowered and on 22's would give just the same type of ride. my range has 23's and the escalade is on 24's, both ride the same almost, range is better though