: Another "inevitable"

10-26-05, 11:08 PM
Went to Milan today....clear, cool 55 degree day....hoping to break my 12.84......first run.....good tire warm-up......launched good no wheel spin....and no hop of course.....@ around 5000 RPM----in first gear......SNAP!!!!!! I knew "IT" had happened....diff failed!!!!!!!!!!!!!Had to be towed off the track, with a little ATV.......called my dealership.....he said, no problem....it is under warranty......car left the track on a flat bed truck.....I was actually "down" after this......but better now, after a couple of "adult" beverages....(I'm gonna' insist on the new '06 diff---even if I have to wait for it....)I love my car.......but........this shouldn't be happening........poor design on someone's part.....IMHO.

10-26-05, 11:10 PM
upside, new improved diff...:D

10-26-05, 11:14 PM
Sorry to hear that. The dealership picked up my car today. I should know tomorrow what went. I have this nagging feeling that I blew a half shaft and they are just going to throw a new one in and send me on my way.

Since you had to be towed off the track is sounds like your rear end is definately gone. Hope you get the new diff. My service manager told me he would order the new one if it is the diff that went.

Did you have the dealership tow your car from the track? Did they give you and grief for that?

10-26-05, 11:35 PM
Dealership towed the car....NO PROBLEM.......and NO GRIEF......I think they want me to be happy.....I LOVE THE CAR

10-27-05, 03:34 AM
Hope you're back terrorizing the track again soon. :thumbsup:

10-27-05, 07:09 AM
Sorry to hear that, but hopfully you get the 06 diff in its place...

I think she is a halfshaft to on yours, if it is and I don't break before the year is out we will just have to both pop them in the spring so we can get the 06 diffs..


10-27-05, 11:43 AM
Thanks for all the kind words of support.....going to the dealership now to see "Wazzup" (I feel better today).....When given lemons....make lemonade.
I'll post the results of my visit this afternoon.

10-27-05, 11:57 AM
Is that 12.84 in your CTS?

10-27-05, 12:15 PM
Good luck getting it. Hopefully they don't lie to you and tell you they are giving you the new one then don't. Sorry to hear about your car, mines been in the shop for the past week getting the rear end replaced.

10-27-05, 12:17 PM
I just gave you cool points for being 60 and saying "WAZZUP!" :D

10-27-05, 02:27 PM
Frank....thanks for the comments.....G/F is 26:devil: , so I guess that keeps me young.....Dooman, yes 12.84 is correct. The video is in the Cadillac FAQ section for your viewing pleasure. Just left the dealership......Diff is definitely "toast" and right-hand axle shaft busted.....didn't crack the diff case though. BTW....I WILL be getting the NEW diff P/N:bouncy: :bouncy: :bouncy:

10-27-05, 03:05 PM
Jimmy: Who's your dealer? Randy

10-27-05, 04:01 PM
Flyboy...wut mods do you have?

10-27-05, 09:55 PM
My rear diff exploded last Thursday. Dealer said he won't cover it under warranty. What dealer did you take it to? 31,000 miles on it and no mods. Unbelievable..... Driving home from work.

10-27-05, 10:19 PM
Okay......here's an update.....Not Good News.....The "AVM" said they won't cover the parts due to my mods......I WILL GET the new '06 diff, but I have to pay for it.....I'll make a few calls tomorrow, but they are holding the "all the cards" I guess. I will post again when I know more.....I'm not happy with this, only because Cadillac/Getrag is SO aware of the weak diffs.......more to come.

10-27-05, 10:23 PM
Keep us posted,we can swamp them with e-mails.They should do at least half.

10-28-05, 12:36 AM
Flyboy, you tell them "WAZZUP!":want:

On the other hand, this is an uncomfortable feeling to be hearing dealers saying they won't cover the diff.:( I'd better start saving my pennies for a custom DANA rearend with some tractor trailer looking half shafts.

10-28-05, 01:41 PM
Here's the latest......dealer wanted to warranty the entire job. The Area Vehicle Manager (AVM) said no. He already has said no to four other failed diffs. Mods or no mods he won't warranty a broken diff...says it's "driver abuse." Kinda sucks doesn't it???:vomit:

10-28-05, 01:55 PM
That's total BS. There must be someone you can call. Mod's or not, your rear end should be replaced under warranty.

I suppose it woundn't be so bad if we knew that the new rear was going to survive. But what are you going to do when you pay for a new rear end and it blows after a few hard launches. This really gets me mad. Do Corvette owners get this treatment?

I checked in on my car today and they placed the order for a new rear end. The told me they ordered the new part number but won't know for sure that I will be getting the new one until Monday when it comes in. So far, I have not heard any hints of them not covering it. At the same time they are going to check my clutch for the TSB. Hopefully I will get a new one too.

10-28-05, 01:58 PM
Frank....thanks for the comments.....G/F is 26:devil:

By the way, I gave you cool points for being 60 and having a G/F who is 26.:bouncy: :worship: :bouncy: :worship: :bouncy:

10-28-05, 02:00 PM
They should replace the diff under warranty but I would be curious to know how much it costs to have the diff replaced.

Ryan's '05-V
10-28-05, 02:58 PM
Flyboy, that is very bad news for you, me and everyone else. My new diff (5,000) miles is whining like a bitch and it has been much worse since I had the dealer correct a fluid leak from my driver side seal. I'm sick of going to the dealer especially when they keep forgetting something. I never thought the whine would be that bad but boy that blows. I haven't had very good luck with McInerny. I had my car there a couple weeks ago for a coolant light, leaky diff, and they didn't program my new Nav unit for the V (no Comp Mode). I left a letter with the issues and called at 9AM and also mentioned my squeeky brakes. They ignored my brakes as I guess it was forgotten.

Now they can't cover your diff and I'm sure they won't mine either and my car is stock except for your B&B. My SM buddy in Port Huron probably can't help me since it appears they have to get approval from the AVM. I guess I need to wait for mine to break and it hope it makes it a few more months.

Oh yeah, sorry, but the last time I got my car my G meter read .88 & .84 and I haven't been able to get any more Gs out of her even after pealing around a corner. There was no need for them to beat on my car for this trip.

Good luck with your new diff situation. Hey, if we are paying anything we obviously are going to opt for the '06 but this is bull. If you need any help liek for the dealer to hear my whine since I'm stock and your modded, call me. The AVM is welcome to beat on my car like the dealer does.

Randy, we both use McInerny in Mt Clemens. I want to like them but they keep forgetting stupid things and it is annoying since this is a DD for me.

10-28-05, 07:21 PM
I would want to give the "AVM" a piece of my mind, both letting him know and asking, just how many other rear ends were broken!? WAAAAAYYY too many of them, on un-modified, and even V-6 cars to deny your warrenty, new part or not, YOU should not be out for THEIR design flaw!
What we really need is a lawyer to get denied with their V. A class action would come real quick are my thoughts.

One other suggestion...go over the AVMs head and keep going up until you are satisfied...start firing off about BBB reports and Magnuson-Moss.. a quote that may help you .... Sorry so long...but looks like this AVM needs to be educated in fedral law.

“(c) No warrantor may condition the continued validity of a warranty on the use of only authorized repair service and/or authorized replacement parts for non-warranty service and maintenance. For example, provisions such as, "This warranty is void if service is performed by anyone other than an authorized 'ABC' dealer and all replacement parts must be genuine 'ABC' parts," and the like, are prohibited where the service or parts are not covered by the warranty. These provisions violate the Act in two ways. First, they violate the section 102(c) ban against tying arrangements. Second, such provisions are deceptive under section 110 of the Act, because a warrantor cannot, as a matter of law, avoid liability under a written warranty where a defect is unrelated to the use by a consumer of "unauthorized" articles or service. This does not preclude a warrantor from expressly excluding liability for defects or damage caused by such "unauthorized" articles or service; nor does it preclude the warrantor from denying liability where the warrantor can demonstrate that the defect or damage was so caused.”

We think this FTC rule is pretty clear and unambiguous. Please note that the FTC requires the “warrantor” (this would, generally, be your motor vehicle manufacturer) to “demonstrate” that the defect in or damage to your vehicle was caused by your installation or use of an “unauthorized” part, before a warranty claim can be denied. We contend that this requires credible proof as to the cause of a failure and not merely your dealer’s guess, speculation or unfounded opinion as to the cause.
If you have encountered a motor vehicle dealer, who has failed and refused to “demonstrate” or prove, as federal law requires, that your "unauthorized" part necessitated a repair for which warranty coverage has been denied, or a manufacturer, who refuses to perform warranty repairs on your vehicle, merely because you have installed said "unauthorized" part or based on inaccurate information from your dealer, then we ask that you request that the dealer or manufacturer set forth, in writing, the warranty denial, together with a written statement as to the specific reasons for the denial of warranty repairs. We also ask that you direct your dealer and manufacturer to the federal law quoted above."

10-29-05, 12:57 AM
These AVMs are getting their arses handed to them by corporate...its the AVM's job to deny warrantee work, ie.- to save GM money. My AVM threatened my warrantee when my diff/halfshaft broke on my driving the car "beyond the car's design parameters"...that opinion made because my tires were half worn at 4K miles. I hate the experience I have when I deal with the service dept, seems like they always are trying to place blame on the vehicle's owner. They all suck...

10-29-05, 11:11 AM
These AVMs are getting their arses handed to them by corporate...its the AVM's job to deny warrantee work, ie.- to save GM money. My AVM threatened my warrantee when my diff/halfshaft broke on my driving the car "beyond the car's design parameters"...that opinion made because my tires were half worn at 4K miles. I hate the experience I have when I deal with the service dept, seems like they always are trying to place blame on the vehicle's owner. They all suck...

Once upon a time people appreciated the service writters and gave them BOOZE, CIGARS, BIG TIPS!

Bribes are a good thing.

Ryan's '05-V
10-29-05, 11:35 AM
All this stuff kills me because I would be happy to let GM look at my car and it's history. I got a PEP car at almost 8,000 and finally took it to the dealer at 9600 miles and you guessed it, my diff was a mess but I didn't have a whine as far as I knew. My tires were shot too so does that mean their employees driving the cars representing GM beat on them or just can't make them last either??? It's not just us owners. It's a great car but just not reliable and I would never take one of these outside of warranty.

10-29-05, 02:15 PM
Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. I just hate reading this. Flyboy all you can do is keep escalating this until Lutz himself tells you no way. I literally made 20+ phone calls before mine was covered.