View Full Version : how many inches are the running boards for the suv, EXT & ESV?

LA Bean
10-26-05, 03:26 PM
how many inches are the step boards for the suv, ext & the esv? or are they all the same? im about to buy a pair on ebay & hes not sure which one its for & what year but says the step board itself is 84 inches long. im only buying the step board, running boards without the end caps. and are the 02-05 esclade running boards all the exact same?

10-26-05, 07:41 PM
Those are most likely for the regular sized Escalade. The wheelbase is 116 inches, so an 84 inch running board sounds about right.

LA Bean
10-26-05, 09:48 PM
i measured mine up from the inside of one end cap to the other & it was about 80-82 inches long so i figured the other 2-4 inches was in the inside of the end cap. could you measure yours since you have the reg escalade? i would really appreciate the help, thanks.
i hope the location for the brackets are the same from 02-05.

im getting this:

10-27-05, 12:48 AM
I'm at school and don't have a tape measure with me.

LA Bean
10-28-05, 07:27 PM
can someone please measure their step board...i really dont want to measure someones car on the street. i have to pay this guy by 10/1.

10-30-05, 01:34 AM
I have a 03' Escalade and just measured the running boards, The whole black part where you can step on measured at 67-1/2". The whole running board from end to end measured at 78-1/2". The one that he is selling sounds like they are for a EXT, and the ESV version. The regular Lade's running boards are diffently shorter the EXT and ESV. The EXT and ESV sould be the same size.

LA Bean
10-30-05, 06:58 PM
thank you very much.:2thumbs: