: My Car Just Got Keyed!

10-26-05, 02:55 AM
This is very upsetting. It was bound to happen, but why now? I got the car just 2 months ago! Arghh....very furious. Stupid kids! I was parked at a office complex and parked next to two toyota camry's. When I came back...on the opposite side I saw a ricer sitting there in his car looking at me. I didn't know whats up at that time until I came home and opened my rear door to see a big scratch on it! Very flusterered! Why are people so jealous? Thats it...i'm installing an alarm that yells everytime you get near my car and says..."Get away from my car or I will shoot you!"

On the other hand, to resolve this issue, anyone ever had this happen to them and know how much it cost to repair? I have a black cts-v and the damage is on the rear door. Scratch is around 6-8 inches long and is very light near the end for 3 inches and pretty deep near the beginning for 3-5 inches. Anyone know any costs from dealers? Anyone have any better ideas?

10-26-05, 03:06 AM
Man...that makes a person want to commit a hate crime or two!
But I would try getting it buffed out and see what damage is left, otherwise, a good body shop will charge by the panel, meaning it would cost the same to paint the whole door as it would the tiny scratch. I was quoted around $400 for a door on my Acura(X girl...emphasis on X). But this was from a high end shop...around 4 grand for a whole paint job.

10-26-05, 03:23 AM
You don't need an alarm system, you need these window decals.


10-26-05, 03:26 AM
Haha...that should work pretty well!

10-26-05, 03:28 AM
That is jacked up.:mad:

Some people just can't stand other people having something (nice).:(

Sorry bout your car.

DDS rollin a CTS
10-26-05, 03:47 AM
That happend to my dad a couple of weeks ago. His Audi A6 was parked at the Purdue/Notre Dame football game, when he came out there were TWO key marks down to the METAL from the taillight to headlight.

Its stuff like this that makes me want to get a security system that electrifies the metal surface of the car, but with the paint acting as an insulator. If someone just touches it, the alarm may go off but they'll be ok. But if they door it too hard or key through the paint, BAM!!! fry that motherf***er like theres no tomorrow. Of course the family would probably sue and they'd probably win b/c of the sissy a** liberals running the courts these days but it'd be worth it.

Like you guys said, people dont have any respect these days for people with nice things. Theyre just jealous that you've worked hard and can afford it while all they can do is glue little peices of chromed plastic on their car in an attempt to immitate. Keep your spirits up and the next time you see that ricer, be sure to cut off all his valve stems! Very little property dammage if you get caught but the inconvenience for him is a bitch!

If you just want a sign to put in your window, one of these should be pretty effective, especially if you back it up!

10-26-05, 11:16 AM
I can relate... Mine got keyed at school. My V is black raven, and it got keyed along the passenger side headlight to tail light. The marks down to the metal. I would assume on mine they used a key ring with numerous keys and went down the side of the car once, but left three marks, one is down a lot deeper than the other two. That happened last May, and i filled out a police report as well. I got an estimate for $1,200, and another one for $1,300... I never fixed it, it looks bad but I want an xlr... so the side remains looking like s**t...

It's Just Eric
10-26-05, 12:00 PM
If you know who did it, heres what you do:
Make a stop at ..Im sure any good auto parts stor may have it.. but you get some industrial strenghth automotive paint stripper. A spray of that all over the car...sit back and watch for 5 minutes, and before you know it, their car's paint looks like defunked corn flakes. Also works great on marine gelcoats (Rice car...fiberglass parts? Looks like those will be ruined)

Revenge is a female dog

Please note: "It's Just Eric", any of his affiliates, nor any associates of the Cadillac Owners website condone this behavior. The chemicals mentiones may be hazerdous, skin and eye irritant. Please use all saftey precautions when getting sweet reven...er...Working with hazerdous materials.

10-26-05, 12:02 PM
oooo man, that really blows.

Happened to me a couple times too.

I seriously considered camping out in the library overlooking my lot to see if I can catch the b@stard...... I literally DREAMED of the beat down.

Sorry to hear it......

As for repair cost, I forgot my quote, but it was high enough for me to say fk it and just keep it.......but then again it wasn't a 2 months old CTS-V.

But, my neighbors XK8 just got keyed last months and he got some really skilled scratch removal dudes. They took what looks like a toothpick, dip it in a bit of paint, let the paint transfer from the toothpick into the scratch. then repearts to build up the paint. then he'd compound buff the area in ever smaller grit size abrasives. I couldn't tell where the scratch was anymore.

Good luck

10-26-05, 12:06 PM
If you know who did it, heres what you do:
Make a stop at ..Im sure any good auto parts stor may have it.. but you get some industrial strenghth automotive paint stripper. A spray of that all over the car...sit back and watch for 5 minutes, and before you know it, their car's paint looks like defunked corn flakes. Also works great on marine gelcoats (Rice car...fiberglass parts? Looks like those will be ruined)

Revenge is a female dog

Holy smokes thats wicked!
Did you just dream that up or have excercised that option :)
---I'm guessing its gonna be a police matter getting caught doing something like that.

The worst thing I ever did was take my dogs poop and crammed it up inside the door handles for a nice morning surprise for the owner!
....my excuses: I was 15 years old and the ahole deserved it.

Dave's V
10-26-05, 01:27 PM
Don't try to strike back because you don't know 100% who it is for sure.

It sucks to have your car keyed, it happened to me once (around 14 years ago). Dark colors are a real pain to match. My car was medium blue and it never looked right again.

It'll be expensive but I would fix it. Some punk was jealous of the V and that was the only way that he could strike back besides slashing your tires or putting something in your gas tank. You will lose money if you try to sell the V with a big scratch on it. I know I wouldn't buy a $30k+ car with a big scratch on it or any car for that matter.

Good luck!

10-26-05, 02:38 PM
Doesn't that just piss you off!!?? Its bad enough when it happens because of an angry ex-girlfriend or due to a known feud with someone who decides to act like a jerk.

But, you really have to wonder about the mental state of someone who could get so jealous about the property of a total stranger that they decide to damage it. What an a**hole.

I suggest that you get it repaired as soon as possible so that you won't have to look at the damage and have your blood pressure go up everyday. Good luck.


10-26-05, 04:23 PM
Don't you wish you could have seen him doing it.

People have to start giving beatdowns again. Enough political correctness...forget the cops....BEATDOWNS.:thepan:. That used to keep things in check. If I saw anyone doing that to any car, I would hit him with a brick.

10-26-05, 04:48 PM
Just bought the touch up paint. Lets see what miracles it can do. I'll post when its all done. Thanks for your comments.

10-26-05, 04:53 PM
Good luck with that!

Try the toothpick method, i bet its bettr than using that brush that comes with the paint......I think there's some good how-tos in the detailing section here.

10-26-05, 05:11 PM
Here's the worst situation to be heard on this thread. It's going to help you guys cope with your troubles better.

I had just got home from a good day at work. Everything went as planned. It was a Friday evening. I pick up my 2 month pregnant wife and 6 year old son. We decide to go to Chevy's. I was in the mood for some chips, salsa, and Margarita. I see a front door parking spot. I was like "COOL." Well, it wasn't. We walk in to reserve a table. While we were waiting, I tell the wife I'm going to leave my sunglasses in the car. I go to the car and while storing the glasses in my case, I hear "bump". I was like WTF!! I turn around to my right and this 40 something year old dude riding in the back seat of Mom and Dad's white Pontiac beat up Grand Prix hits my rear passenger door with his door. I get out and look at the door. Sure enough, white paint is smudged on it. I didn't yell anything or even showed emotions of being pissed. I was trying to approach the situation calmly. The guy is walking away and I said, "Excuse me, you hit my door." He's like, "are you sure?" Yes I'm sure. You were riding in the back of this white car and there's a white smudge on my door. He came over and looked at it. He used his fat index finger with some saliva and started rubbing the paint away. I told him, DON'T DO THAT!! He rubbed the paint off and said see, there's nothing wrong and began to walk away. As he did, I stared at the almost barely noticeable dent. The white paint was gone but I could see the clearcoat was smudged. I made the decision to go in and ask him for his information. I said, "Sir, I'm going to try to buff out the smudged clearcoat. If I can't, I will need your insurance information." He said in an aggressive tone of voice, "I'M NOT GIVING YOU ANYTHING! THE DOOR IS FINE." I said the door is not fine. Do you want me to show you what you did? He said, no, I know it was just a little paint. I told him to give me his information again. He responded, "I'M NOT GIVING YOU ANYTHING! YOU JUST WANT A FREE PAINT JOB!" I told him I don't want a free paintjob. If I wanted a free paint job I would've done it myself. The car is 10 months old. There is no need for a paint job. By this time, my wife is already upset hearing all of this so she recommends to call the cops in this loud tone. We had all of Chevy's looking at us. My son was scared shitless looking at me get pissed and almost drop kick the idiot. So I took her advice and went outside to call the cops. The cops tell me that they can come out but the best they can do is take his information. If he is not the owner of the car and doesn't have insurance, I will have to take my case to civil court. After that, I was thinking, "I'm going to have to take this guy to civil court for a door dent?" I wasn't up to that. So I told the cops to forget coming. They said are you sure? I said yes. However, in that phone call, they asked me for my address, name, and car I was driving. As I finish my call, my wife comes out raging upset. I asked what was wrong. She said, that guy was sat a few tables away from ours and he kept staring at her. So she asked what the hell you staring at? His reply was, "you just want a free paint job." Naturally, I pretty much just blanked out and began going to the front door. She yanked my arm and said no yelling at me. Some how she got to me and noticed it was not the right thing to do. It came to my mind that I was about to go do something that I shouldn't. Also my wife going under that stress while pregnant was not good. As I'm turning back, she says, "pop his tire." I was surprised for her to tell me that. :eek Then a light bulb lit. I have a nice Smith and Wesson knife in my briefcase for those times when I leave the office at night during winter. I went into my trunk opened the briefcase and took out the knife. As I'm kneeling down about to go for the drivers side rear tire, my wife see's me in the passenger side mirror. She opens the door and yells, "NOOOOOOO!" From there I get pissed because she requests one thing and as I'm about to do it, she changes her mind, and that again held me back. I end up getting in the car. I'm still fuming mad. She says lets go c'mon. I sat there literally for a few minutes that felt like eternity, and I reply, I'm leaving because of you and our son. If you guys weren't here, I'd have handled it my way with that damn tire at least. So we leave.

The only reason I didn't do anything is because I wasn't sure if the cops would pass on my information to this idiot in case I popped his tire. If they did, I don't know if he would come after me legally or personally. It was such an upsetting situation that after a month of so since it happened, I still remember it clearly.

This won't end like this again, I promise.

10-26-05, 05:25 PM
woooo that blows man.....talk about a tough spot.

I've had to take a lot of deep breaths in similar situations......and although I never get violent it upsets me alot (i.e dreamin odf slashing tires and what not)

So I'm very 'scared' of buying another new car because these things happen.

I have confronted people who have given me door dings, and without fail all of them deny and act all pissed off. I only confront them when I witness it so I;m sure.

Back in NYC, this dude in a rangerover doubleparks and blocks me in right as I tunred my ignition to drive out. So I'm blocked in and kinda pissed. (happens alot in NYC) Then his wife opens her door right into mine. The range rover being so much taller than my car, the bottom corner of her door really made a sharp dent in my car. I stared at her expecting an apology but she ignored me. So I said "thanks for the dent". Then she tells ms something (forgot) like "i dunno what youre talkin about" and walks out. I'm now pretty fkn pissed but acting calm. Next thing I know the husband comes running out of the building yelling and cursing that how dare i verrbally attack his pregnant wife. (I did no such thing, she must have said something to him to push his buttons) He wouldn't listen, he kept yellin, so it turned into a classic NYC yellin match "shut the f up and move your stupid car!"
"apologize to my wifeyou motherf%$#"
"get outtahere you son of b&*^%&!"
"F u!"
"get your stupid wife and beat it!"

City living was a tough gig.

10-26-05, 07:00 PM
I had a similar situation but my car was egged. boy did that sucked. I just got it fixed last week.

10-26-05, 07:09 PM
I had a similar situation but my car was egged. boy did that sucked. I just got it fixed last week.

Just in time for another halloween attack!

j/k that sucks, there was a woman on judge Judy sueing a lady and her son for egging damage to her truck......some nasty stuff.

10-26-05, 07:23 PM
If I caught a person doing that to my car, I would definitely be spending some time in the big house.:gun: :canttalk:

Sea Bass
10-26-05, 08:40 PM
Back when I was 16, I got a new truck. Well my family was too say it the most blunt...the most successful in our area at the time. So for a kid at a new high school to get a new truck shortly after he turned 16...i guess one kid wasn't too happy for me. My driver door, and rear quarter-panel got keyed one day less than 1 month after I got my truck. I didn't even have official plates on my truck at that time. I didn't notice it until I came home, and went out again. As I was leaving the neighborhood gate, my mother drives up and asks how school was, i actually had a good day that day.Then she commented, "there's a big scratch on your door!" I was going to a job interview at a record store and I remember getting out and seeing that right before my interview. I was so upset and so sick to my stomach cause I was constantly bullied around.Needless to say, I didn't get the job.

Fast forward 2 years to my senior year of high school.I later found out from a friend that another so-called "friend" and "jam musician buddy" of mine did it. He was a ****ing greaser too. And this was 2001...UGH.I still hate the greaser uniforms and pompadores because of that kid. But I had no proof that it was him. Just my friend saying that, "oh shit! You didn't know that he did that? I thought you knew he did it!" So I asked him how he knew and he said, "_____ told me he did it, like...20 minutes after he did...I always wondered why you were nice to him the rest of that semester in math?.?.?." I was upset at my friend who never told me or confronted the other kid.

We are coming up on 4 years since I've owned that truck...Mid November will be 4 years...I still haven't gotten it fixed.And since, the college parking lots have only added to paint knicks, gouges in my paint, and scratches.Luckily I have the excuse of telling people that my car got "desert landscaping" from 4-wheeling...which I do 4-wheel, but never have gotten the desert landscaping on it. It sucks to lie about that...but it is even worse to tell the true story over and over again to people. :/

DDS rollin a CTS
10-26-05, 09:21 PM
If any of you have a ford explorer, or know someone who does, take a gander at those back doors...very sharp edge that will leave a VERY deep dent. I put those to use only twice, when it was absolutely undeniable that the person parked next to me was responsible for the new door ding in my car.

Caddy Man
10-26-05, 09:50 PM
I was leaving the Pistons Finals Game 3 in 2004, so i was sitting in my then 2000 DTS, look absoultly MINT... in the parking lot with a freind, waiting for the traffic to clear from the lot, when i saw two guys walking and for some reason I just kept an eye on them. They started walkign towards my car, but my car was tinted 20% al the way around so they could not see anything, the guy comes up to my door and starts to unzip his pants about to take a piss on my car, i immediatly throw the door open, into him, i was infuriated about what they were about to do. I just remeber adrenaline rushing in me I was so pissed because I had caught them in the act. They were kinda drunk and not aggressive so I just got in the car and left.

10-26-05, 11:57 PM
Thankf God I live in a small town.

The worst part of senseless vandalism is the not knowing who to beat the crap out of!!!!!!!

As far as the restaurant ***, I would have politely bitch slapped him in front of his mommy. Then tell your wife to sit in the car if its too stressful to see justice served, LOL!!!

I have a dent in the frame around the front passenger window, and I'm sure it wasn't there when it made its last trip to the dealer, but no way to prove it.

Anyway, sorry for all your damages it def. sukks!!!

10-27-05, 12:06 AM
sorry basturds...:nono:

10-27-05, 12:21 AM
Where's Barney when you need him, hassling you in the movie theater parking lot?

10-27-05, 02:28 AM
CTSV05, a bitch slap sounds easier said than done. You don't know how many times I keep remembering how easy I had it to just raise my foot off the ground and kick straight thru the menu to break his nose. However, there were way too many witnesses and leaving the area with a pregnant wife and 6 year old son like fugitives wouldn't have been that easy.
By the way, this town is small with a population of 75k. Sooner or later I'll have my revenge. I'm just patiently waiting to find that car. I could care less about the guy now. I just want to return the favor.:bomb:

Let me try to describe what I think this guy was like. I think he's had problems in the past. Seemed like a convict. He was clearly 40 something years old. What 40 year old rides in the back seat of mom and dad's beat up Pontiac Grand Prix? A successful one would take his parents in his car. Not because he had the better car but, because it would be the right thing to do.

At the end, I see it could've been a total loss for me. I really think I had more to lose but then again, I didn't know him. For now I'll go with my hunch.

Anyhow, this is not an attack on you CTSV05. I just wanted to share how I wish I could just bitch slap him and walk away. If I got my ass beat at the end, at least I know I did something about it and wouldn't have to live with, "I wish I could've......"

On another note, I'm also glad nothing happened. I now used this as a lesson learned. If I treasure my V this much, I will now park it farther away and double park where some idiot won't key or dent my door.

It's good to hear I'm not the only one that's had this experience. Good luck to all of you.:alchi:

It's Just Eric
10-27-05, 11:24 PM
Make a stop at ..Im sure any good auto parts stor may have it.. but you get some industrial strenghth automotive paint stripper. A spray of that all over the car...sit back and watch for 5 minutes, and before you know it, their car's paint looks like defunked corn flakes. Also works great on marine gelcoats (Rice car...fiberglass parts? Looks like those will be ruined)

ooh, the wonders of automotive vandalism. We all have our stories. to whoever asked... Figured it would work quite well after seeing the stuff in action while restoring a mustang that had been painted 4 or 5 times.I think my friend has one of the best ones though:

It was at a concert about 2 years ago. He drove himself and a few friends to the concert in his mom's van. When they got there there were theese preppy stuck up kids driving a lexus that were laughing at them, starting trouble. Teenager stuff. They left the concrt a bit early to get out of the parking lot first. They got to the car and noticed the word "***it" (because everyone knows that kids leave english class to vandalize things) keyd into the side of the van. also it looked like someone used the bathroom on the front tire...
Unfourtunatly for them stuck up kids, my friend and company drank alot of soda..and there wasnt a bathroom in sight. But guess who's sunroof was conveniently left open?
Im just going to go out on a limb and say that the ride home wasnt too fresh for them. But hey, they could probly afford to have the car cleaned and detailed. Lol

10-28-05, 02:34 AM
Sorry to hear it!

I'd go ape is anybody ever did that to my car! I've been lucky although I got a small door ding or two which bothers me bad enough. Problem is, the cowards don't ever have the guts to key it right in front of you, they are jealous and can't respect other people's property. Obviously they don't respect their own then....

10-28-05, 03:05 AM
Thank you everyone for your share of stories. It makes me feel better when I realize that people have had much worse done to them. The story about the urinating inside cars and writing "***it" makes you think a scratch isn't too bad. Unfortunately, I went to the dealer to have them take a look at it, and it seems like they want close to 800 dollars to fix. Went to a body shop and they want 500. Figure I'm going to try the toothpick touch up paint trick first and if it doesnt look like I want it to, then it is off to the body shop. I just can't stand looking at a long scratch every time i'm about to sit inside. As for the revenge, of course it should be done, but I guess I have kind of cooled down after hearing a lot of other stories.I might just spray paint his car with industrial paint remover and watch for the corn flakes...sounds like a brilliant idea! :) Just to share another story, its surprising how jealous people can be of cars.
While standing in the left turn lane to go to a store, a ricer with tv's everywhere in his car, loud exhaust, body kit, rims, the works...pulls up and starts cursing! For no reason, he is sitting there in his car and just cursing at me and my car, pointing and yelling "******* wanna be" and "this car is so ******* shitty"! My family was in the car and they got worried as to what he is doing, but he seemed to be with his g/friend, so i guess he wanted to show off. While standing at the light, he signals he wants to race and i return him an OK, thinking I can easily take him, even with 5 people in the car! At this time, my family is telling me to take it easy, but I figure i'd have my share of fun and show him whose boss. Anyways, don't forget, we are about to race and make a left turn at the same exact time. The light turns green and away he goes! This is night time and his exhaust was real loud, very illegal! Anyways, luckily my family yells to me that there is a cop on the other side of the road right before I'm about to take off. Guess what happens next. The idiot peels out from there and cuts into my lane honking his horn...figuring he has cut me off, while making hand gestures out the window! For once, the cop pays attention and luckily pulls him right over! I drive by slowly and just glance at the driver in the car and give him a great big smile...just to declare I win! Anyways, I came back 20 minutes later the same way to go back home when I see the cop still there and the driver and his g/friend sitting on the side of the road on the curb with handcuffs. I don't know for what they got arrested for, but it doesnt matter to me! I just felt like a real winner, all without even having to waste any tire tread or do a wheel hop! :) So as you can see, at the end, things tend to work themselves out!

Few things I have learned from experiences with the car:
Park far far away unless you can get the spot near the window you'll be sitting at!
Never ever park where there are any "ricers" around!
Do not race a stupid ricer unless you are sure there are no cops around!
Make sure you put stickers like "Member of Rifle Club" or others like fellow members suggested!
And oh yeah, make sure you do not leave your sunroof opened!:)

10-28-05, 11:40 AM
I think this thread saved me a trip for some phsychiatric therapy. :D

10-28-05, 05:27 PM
and I thought I had it bad when someone splashed some gooey and sticky crap on my paint job, hood to roof. Some people just can't stand it to see nice cars and their envy gets the better of them. It took me all morning to clean that stuff and luckily, it didn't affect my paint yet.

10-29-05, 04:40 AM
got arrested This story made me day!!! There is a God, and he was in a black and white and watching!!!

Chalk up one for the good guys.

It is weird how mad "ricers" get at my car. I ignore most of them, I've spanked most of the ones I didn't ignore, but I have respect for Evo's, some of those little Fockers are fast...

10-30-05, 07:11 AM
WTF is this!!!!!!! I can't believe there are so many lowlifes out there that would do things like this. The punishment should be slow, painful death.